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The Hills

Posted Sep 09 2010 8:04pm

Soooo NOT the Beverly Hills. But oh so much cooler. And by “cooler” I mean super hip. Seriously! Running hills are not my favorite–I suck major air, my legs burn, and I move a whole lot more slower while traveling up thembut I must say I feel great after doing them–like super hip good. I have this kick-ass hill in my neighborhood… it’s about a quarter of a mile long (seems sooooooo much longer when I am running it, but I measured it on Actually, to be honest, my whole neighborhood is pretty hilly. The only way I would be able run a route WITHOUT hills would be to run the high school track. And that’s the truth. Where I live is not mountainous, mind you, but I live at the top of a valley and the hills are here, there, everywhere, and somewhere out there, thar’s speed in them thar hills. Or at least that is what I have been told.

Hills build strength and endurance, and supposedly they make it easier for you to regain fitness after taking some time off. Ok, sounds good to me…cuz’ I like to take time off…only occasionally…ok maybe for the whole summer. And strength and endurance help build speed….every runner’s wet dream.

So back to this huge hill in my neighborhood. There is this particular stretch of road about a mile from my house. I LOOOOVE running down it. I fly like an eagle. But then I have to climb back up it. Oh my God, it’s hard. It’s steep. And about the time you think you are done, there is another smaller steep hill up which you must run. By the time I am done with that hill, I taste blood. Gross.

I try to do this particular hill routine every week. Most of the time, I have to take a walk break after the longest portion of the hill (before that last final smaller hill), but sometimes not. Tonight I ran the whole way…like a big girl! YAY! It helps that it was in the low 60s and my RB ran with me. My RB and cooler temps are my favorite adjuncts to running.

Speed, strength, endurance, and recovery–the four types of running everyone should incorporate into their weekly training schedule. Hills are Strength. Did you do your hills this week? What do you incorporate into your weekly schedule? I want to know!

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