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The Heart of a Blogger ...

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:00am
The Heart of a Blogger

Tony's recent guest post on Ultra Kim's blog has me thinking about blogging in general. I think Tony is slowly evolving into a blogger, whether he knows it or not. He deprives us by not sharing us his life long running experiences with us. We want to hear, Tony! We are but running babes in the woods, hungry for your direction! LOL! It's connected me to some marvelous people; many I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know; others I hope to meet some day. I think to be an effective blogger, you have to be a tad exhibitionistic. Maybe the exclusive blog commenter like Inca and Tony are just shy; they are but timid turtles sticking their heads out for a blogging blink. I think they'll come around.

I will always express myself better in my blog than I do in real life, so my blog readers probably know me better than members of my own family. Still, there are the naysayers...the doubters and the critics that will categorize blogging as an Axis 2 personality disorder...maybe it is, but it's helped me in ways I couldn't even imagine. Even my nay saying husband has come around. He will never be the blogging type, but he understands my need for it.

Whether I ever become legitimately published, or not, I consider myself a writer. I wanted to become better at it, so I decided blogging would be the best medium for daily writing. Funny, but blogging has indirectly led to me being the publisher and contributing writer of two newsletters. I am going to be the newsletter editor for the running club and I also write for a newsletter publication for my work. So, for one of my writing ventures, I'm actually paid for! What a reward to be writing and typing much of my day. Maybe there is a book in me someday, but for the time being I am happy to blog and publish my newsletters. I like going through my blog roll every few days and seeing what my fellow bloggers are up to. I just think this is the coolest thing. How can people be critical of something that connects human beings? Even if you are wasting company hours writing/commenting on blogs, at least, you are contributing to a skill set? Right? At least you can put words together, right? I try not to blog at work, but I've done it a time or too when it's been slow. Shhh.....

I thought how cool it would be if there was a running blog convention somewhere where running bloggers all over the states gathered together to put flesh and blood behind the words. What I would give to meet bloggers like Addie in California or Sam in Chicago! Wouldn't it be cool if we could have a centrally located runner/blogger convention glued together with a 10k run where the race proceeds went to some charity? I don't know what...any ideas? I think us runner bloggers provide a valuable service to ourselves and others...we share our experience, strength, and hope...oh...that's AA's line...but we do share our experience. I've learned so much from other running bloggers it's ridiculous. They keep me motivated. The running community is actually pretty small. It takes a little networking to find the other runners out there and blogs can be navigating light. Maybe this idea is a little too grand in scope, but I think we could at least do a little party for the local bloggers. We can have a contest. Best Lurker Award. Longest Comments. Longest posts. Best pictures. Coming out parties for lurkers that finally come out of the closet. There is no end.

I can't talk about my running in other social circles...they can't relate. How many times have I been called insane by a co-worker when they find out I'm going to run a 50K on January 26th in northeastern Ohio. But my blogger runner friends understand...I don't need to explain myself. My good friends know and understand, of course, but so many people don't. Just wanted to let all my fellow bloggers know that I appreciate them! Happy blogging!
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