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The Happiness Inventory

Posted Dec 20 2012 2:52pm
Happiness is.....

  • Returning home for Christmas (or whatever your special holiday is)

^ You could tell this is a Newfoundland menu even if it didn't say so across the top of this menu... Yes, you can find moose EVERYTHING here. No, I don't eat it (I know someone will ask!). I don't even really do red meat unless it's shaped like a hamburger... and even then, it better be from a cow!

  • Having a dance party with your dog (before you make fun and think I'm weird, my mom told me it's actually COOL as long as the dog dances too. Even if you have to use cookies to make her dance). What's not cool is when your boyfriend comes home and sees you dancing like a crazy person with the dog and cookies and stops to watch and laugh without you knowing. It's actually awkward. But if he still wants to go out with you and agrees to take pictures of a re-enactment of the event for your super-cool running blog, you know you have a keeper. 

HA, you thought were hoping I was kidding about the whole nerdy dance party thing, didn't you?

  • Seeing your dog and your sister's dog together and realizing that you've both chosen identical twin dogs from 6 provinces away

Can anyone tell which one is Daisy-Pants?
  • Getting to run in your most favourite little corner of the world :)

I was catching up on the November issue of Oxygen Magazine on the plane, which I hadn't had a chance to read yet and I came across a pretty awesome idea in article. The idea? A happiness inventory.

So I am challenging you to try this. Taking a happiness inventory means at the end of every week, taking a moment to recognize 5 things in your life that you are grateful for. They can be anything: a person, a place, a thing, an animal, your awesome glutes, a great run you had, an idea, a fabulous smoothie recipe you found, finding a pair of jeans that make your behind look spect-ass-lar (womp womp! haha) or seeing an old friend.

There are no real rules to this game and they don't have to be more than a few words. It's just about taking a minute to think about all the reasons that your life is wonderful, even though it's often easier to focus on the things that aren't going right or that you don't like (your thighs? your job? the string of red lights on the way to work in the morning) I truly believe that happiness is so much more about your state of mind and choosing to be happy and see the positives.

So starting today I'm going to do this every week! This week I am grateful for:

- my sweet puppy girl who makes me smile
- seeing my Dad at the airport this morning
- lunch with my sisters and nanny this morning
- finding the PERFECT present for someone I love
- I decided that my shoulders look fit since I started training for triathlon. Go strong shoulders!

You can participate in the Happiness Inventory by posting your happy things on your own blog or commenting here!!

What is something you are grateful for or that makes you happy?

How are you sweating today?
- A run in my home town!!

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