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The Greeks Are Coming: Chobani's UK Launch

Posted Sep 18 2012 3:34am
It's Tuesday morning and I spent Monday resting (and working) after my 12.5-mile training run with Anna on Saturday and the Chariots of Fire exertion of 1.7 miles on Sunday. So today, let's talk yogurt instead. 

A few weeks ago I received an email from the Chobani yogurt peeps inviting me to their UK launch in London’s SoHo House. Since I've been reading about Chobani on a whole bunch of NYC blogs, I was intrigued and interested (always am when there's food involved).

Being in dire need of a fun outing, I decided to go. The day turned into a yogurt-devouring, blogger-meet-up, involving food and pretty much non-stop run-chat with fellow bloggers Liz ( Runnerstood ) and Laura ( Lazy Girl Running ). 

Liz and Laura tweeting away about the Chobani launch (all our tweets came up on screens on the wall, which pretty much wowed all of us - so easily impressed)

The launch itself consisted of a quick presentation about Chobani, ticking all the who, what, when, where and whys, followed by a tasting. I had gotten lucky the weekend before when their PR team was giving away free samples at our local Tesco’s, so I knew what I was getting myself into. Lots of yumminess, that's what!
Apparently black cherry is already the top seller in the UK
Although I like my yogurt products, I usually shy away from the stuff you can buy over here. It’s a bit too sugary and sweet and thin for me. I like thick and plain yogurts, like the stuff you can buy in Germany and France. But Chobani really surprised me. It is thick and tasty and really filling, which is always a plus. And it has a pretty high protein content, which is great if you, like me, struggle to get enough protein in your diet. Also, if that kind of stuff is important to you, it's made from skim milk, i.e. it's fat free.
You can get it (for the moment) in five different fruit flavours and one plain version. (The only UK stockist thus far is Tesco's.) Fruit at the bottom, yogurt up top. Can’t go wrong with that. And I’m not just saying that because they invited me to London and made me feel extra special by mistakenly believing that there are actually people out there reading my blog and who give a hoot about what I think. But because I really, really liked it. Dead honest!

After the initial tasting they served us high tea, with lots of sandwiches, wraps, quiches and sweet bits. It was absolutely delicious and some of the recipes had used Chobani. 

Best of all, we were given a folder with all the recipes for the food that we'd been served. My absolute favorite was the cupcake icing (yes, nobody cares about cupcakes, it’s all about the icing), which was a mixture of Chobani and cream cheese. So much better than the sickeningly sweet icing made from pure sugar and butter. I can’t wait to try it at home.
The problem with me and pix: I always remember too late to take some for the blog and by then I'm so involved in the eating process, I just take crappy snapshots like this one...

...or pix of half-eaten foods like this one: it looked much nicer beforehand, but I just had to dig in right away!
Being Twitter-pals already, Laura, Liz and I had worked out beforehand that we’d all been invited and figured we’d make a day of it. After being sent on our way with a cooler bag each, filled with Chobani deliciousness, we headed to the river for some more coffee and chatter.  I lugged that darn thing all over London cause I wasn't gonna share!
For three gals who'd only just met for the first time, we managed to talk running, races, and anything else running related for a whopping five hours solid. We even hatched plans to run the Lightning 12-hour race in 2013 and are currently trying to rope in Katie from Cake of Good Hope , although she's a bit reluctant due to our obsession with brightly-colored compression socks.
After saying our goodbyes, I met up with G and was suddenly craving a pasta dinner. Must've been all the running and race talk as well as the prospect of a 12-mile run the next morning. Having filled that hole, I dragged husband and yogurt-laden cooler over to the next best FroYo shop. Wasn't I yogurt-ed out by that point? Hells no! There's always room for FroYo!

Look at those beauties!
What a fun and yogurt filled day! Let me assure you, Chobani didn't pay, threaten or otherwise force me to give them a positive write-up. I was impressed by their goods and cannot wait for the day they finally launch the chocolate/vanilla variety on this side of the big pond. 
Have you tried Chobani yet? Go and get yourself to Tesco's and have a taste. I'd love to know what you think.  Do you have a FroYo obsession like yours truly? What are your favorite flavors/toppings? Mine up there was chocolate FroYo with blueberries and Oreo chunks. Bliss in a cup!

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