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The Greatest Gift A Runner Can Give to Another Runner...

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:13pm

Amy and I are convinced that as runners-- all of us have the collective wisdom, experience, and expertise that exceeds what can be found in even the greatest of running literature.  And we’re determined to tap into the running gold mine called “you.”  Yes, we mean every one of us—ordinary runners who keep getting closer to WCPWW hat C onsistently, P redictably W orks.

Combine I recently posted about how suddenly the peak of the marathon and half marathon season was here.  With another major weekend of racing behind us, there is a growing storehouse of running wisdom, advice from experienced runners just bursting at the seams.

Since it's harvest time, we're inviting everyone to gather up your best running advice and reach out to everyone else —those recovering and those still preparing for their race destination and goal achievements.  Sort of like trotting out your prize winning, you'll-want-to-try-this recipes for your church cookbook.

Share Two Ideas

We all have a lot to learn and share, so let's see what sort of advice we can gather—for better training, racing, tapering, fueling, hydrating, pacing, and enjoying.  Your comments below might just make the difference in some runners more fully succeeding in their running or upcoming race.  Feel free to also post them on your blog and copy/link your list or email me at   I will post your collective wisdom here and also in the Build-Share-Use Running Know How section of the Lounge.

This is no time to be modest or humble.  Shout out what you've learned—the right way or the hard way.  Pass it along in any way that works and is fun for you —your "Commandments of Running," in the format of a fool-proof recipe, a story, a scolding, an essay of "What I Learned Racing Last Weekend, or in a Dear Abby Advice Column format. 

As for me, I'll be sharing my two recent lessons learned— advice for better race pacing, and my new-found method of injury prevention.

Let's make it an abundant, generous harvest of WCPWW hat C onsistently, P redictably W orks for running.

Harvest on Flickr by rsgreen

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