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The Social Network Site For Runners Launches and SoleDaddy is Featured!

Posted Aug 22 2011 9:20pm

A couple of weeks ago I got an email asking me to join a new social web site. I’m always curious about new sites more to see what is the “new thing” and how they handle privacy. I was surprised to see that his site was for distance runners. I signed up not thinking too much about it but then started getting comments from some of the members. I started posting my blog on there as well and have gotten even more comments from this site. I was pleased to hear today that my blog is one of the featured site on it today. The new site I am talking about is It is a new place for marathoners and distance runners to find training partners, connect with runners, and share experiences.

I looked into it more this evening and realized that the site has only been up for about a month now. This new social networking website GoGazella, , recently opened its doors as a niche, but robust site for distance runners. GoGazella boasts the ability to find running friends, create running or racing groups, hold forum discussions and even post or link to blogs. The site is targeted to marathon or distance runners, but runners of all levels will benefit from the rich discussions on racing, running gear, training and nutrition.
What makes GoGazella different from other running sites? The main concept behind the site is to help distance runners find training partners and connect with each other. You create a profile or simply upload your facebook profile, but GoGazella will ask you a few more questions about things that runners want to know; such as, your desired pace, races you have ran, location, and what type of race you are training for. Members can then search for training partners or friends based on these attributes.
The site also incorporates the ability to have discussions, privately or publically, by creating forums, blogs and groups. The social networking concept is not new and GoGazella seeks to integrate with your current social media as opposed to replace it. The website is fully integrated with facebook, twitter and flickr.
It’s very unlike me to be in on the ground floor of anything especially a new social site like this. But so far I am pleased with the interaction that I have had with the interaction that I have had. I have a lot of exploring to do yet but think this will be one of my regular sites to look at daily. I might even find some local runner friends through here. 
Give it a try as it’s a totally free site, as GoGazella aims to become the premier running website that allows distance runners to share experiences, insights, and connect with one another. Visit to read stories, ask questions, and connect with other runners.

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