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The glass is half full.

Posted Oct 21 2012 8:34pm
I never gave much thought to the "glass half full/half empty" saying, until today.  

I always looked at it as half full, unless I poured a big glass of water, drank it, then it was half empty.

But it's still half full.

I woke up this morning at five, too excited to sleep.  Today was the Empire State Half and Full Marathon , and I was so ready to get out and cheer on the runners, especially since I had friends running the half and full distances.  I wasn't running (boooo!) but I still had the happy race day vibes kicking.  

I was volunteering with my running bud/friend bud Norine, we were at the 12 mile mark of the course, which was a pretty good spot right in town, next to the river, and more importantly, next to Dunkin' Donuts for a convenient caffeine fix when needed.    

We had to point runners in the right direction, and I was having so much fun.  I had my cowbell, and made sure I stuck to saying things like "looking good runners, keep it up!" and not "You're almost there!!" One older gentleman blew me a kiss as he ran on by.  

There is nothing like watching a marathon, and knowing exactly what these runners did to get to that point,
to give you a big dose of motivation.  If my heel would let me, I would have taken off after them to join in the fun. But it still made me happy, inspired, and excited for what I can do once I'm back in my running shoes. 

Well, I'm still wearing them, just not running in them.  

But I will. 

Because the glass is half full.

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