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The Ghost Suite

Posted May 20 2013 8:40am

(So I may have forgotten to publish the post explaining I would be gone all last week for a work conference…whoops.)

I’ve never thought I would be someone who would be deathly afraid of ghosts. I mean it’s just a ghost right? HA! Was I wrong.

I had the pleasure of being upgraded with my work love to a suite at the hotel we were staying in during the conference. Now, this wasn’t just any suite, this was a presidential one- 2,000 square feet, two separate bedrooms with two separate spa bathrooms, a full living room, dining room and kitchen, and a patio. When we walked into our room we couldn’t believe our luck. We spent the first ten minutes literally doing this around the entire suite:


The suite was decorated with all sorts of antiques and had a very weird feeling to it. We thought it was cute that there was a plaque on the door naming the room. We even took a picture with it.


Being the idiots we are, we never thought to question just why it was called the ghost suite. Luckily someone thought it was weird and did some googling….

 ”A few months after the Dohertys moved into the apartment (1930), their maid died in the night. A short time later, the Doherty’s daughter, Helen, also died in the suite. The Dohertys moved out, and the apartment remained unoccupied for almost 50 years The apartment was renovated into a hotel suite. But guests and hotel staff began to tell stories of faint voices, cold breezes, doors slamming shut and opening of their own accord, and televisions and lights turning on and off on their own. Guests in adjoining suites would complain of noises coming from the closed and empty Suite 870. Other occupants say furniture would be found out of place, and hotel staff said their housekeeping carts would move on their own.”

OMG. We thought it was pretty cool actually. Until it was time to sleep.

funny ghost

I can honestly say we slept with almost all the lights on in the place. I even went as far as keeping the TV on low the entire time as well (I’m very scared of the dark in general so the idea of being in the dark with a ghost seriously freaked me out).  The first night I awoke at 3:53. I sat up in my bed, turned on the lights and held onto my phone watching the minutes go by thinking, come on 4:01 please come fast. When 4:00 hit, my heart stopped…. Naturally nothing happened.

The entire time we were there I think I got a total of 4 hours of sleep. Any noise freaked me out. On the final night I did hear something really bizarre I cant really explain. It was freaky.

I never really thought I believed in ghosts but i guess I do…

That’s all the nonsense I have for now!

Any experiences with ghosts?

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