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The front lower part of my leg (right above the ankle) hurts and sometimes burns when I am walking on it. Don't know what this i

Posted by hyssop

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It sounds like you may have shin splints. Shin splints often mean you're doing too much, too soon. In addition, be sure you don't over stride. One way to avoid over striding is to take more steps per minute; that forces you to take smaller steps. Aim for a stride rate of 170-180 steps per minute. "Furnature lift" is  good stretch to strengthen your shins. Put your toe under a sofa, heavy chair, or anything that won't move. Then, gently use your toe to try to lift the object. The object won't move, of course, but you will be exercising your shin muscle, which is in the front of your lower leg. google the two words shin splint to read about this and get further ideas. In the meantime, reduce your walking to reduce the stress on your legs.
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