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The foot- maybe an answer!

Posted Feb 06 2013 8:04am
Isn't it usually "Can I run when I leave?"
I did it, 22 days after the initial injury I finally went to have my foot looked at. The deciding factor: it hurt during my run on Monday. Up until this point it had only been sore to the touch and after a run (or lunges & squats if I wore the wrong shoes). With the busy week ahead I knew I had minimal time to fit in an appointment so I was thrilled to fill a last minute spot on Monday afternoon. I was not necessarily thrilled about seeing a family practice doctor (no offense to anyone in this area of medicine) but I often feel they dismiss runners or have the simple answer to stop running. I knew he could order an x-ray and that’s really all I needed at this point.

I pack up O and grab the iPad and her yogurt pretzels (her treat for a great first dentist visit that morning, yes she chose yogurt pretzels and yogurt!) and we wait. After explaining my stupid story to the medical assistant and waiting more the doctor finally arrives and I once again tell my stupid story…

  • Dr: “Are you a runner?” (I said a shower fell on my foot, okay)
  • Me: “Yes”
  • Dr: “I thought so, you look like a runner. How much do you run?”
  • Me: “About 60 Miles a week”
  • Dr: “So you are a real runner.” (What is a fake runner?) “I think it’s a stress fracture” (What? Why are we going there? Those are evil words and not it is not! Believe me I’ve had my share and I would know.)

He finishes examining my foot, pushing on the painful spot and then sends me on my way for an x-ray and another chance to explain my story to the tech. Black for more waiting and listening to people cough nonstop in the clinic, let’s hope we make it out healthy! Doctor returns and we look at my foot.
  • Dr: “I don’t think I see a fracture.” (Great confidence) “and definitely no gout” (what a relief! Wasn’t really concerned)
  • Me: “What about that spot?” (I point to a spot on the bone)
  • Dr: “Not sure that might be something. Someone else will look at it and let you know.”

So we leave without a final answer. But I am told there are plenty of other activities to do instead of running, thanks but that’s not what I was asking! Off I go without an answer and more waiting. Still no final answer, but they think it looks okay. The mark maybe something, maybe old, maybe normal. So the answer if it hurts don’t do it, if it is fine do it! I’ll take this as good news and keep going as nothing is wrong.

Pre-Injury feet: 10 toenails and all!
Thinking about it the pain got worse after running in uneven snow and ice on Sunday (oh and 17 miles) so I think this had a lot to do with it. The uneven ground and colder temperatures make adapting and adjusting to the changes tougher due to cold muscles. This is the big reason for needing to start slow in the cold and warm up properly. I thought I had with 6 miles on the treadmill but it was still longer then I have run in a couple months. 

I almost think this is a tougher answer then "Yes your foot is fractured" Now I have full control to do what I want if I can. I know, listen to my body! I tell everyone else this but can I do it myself?! I have to ask "What is the dumbest injury you've had?"

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