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the first annual phedippidations world wide half-marathon

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:31pm

i ran the first annual phedippidations world wide half-marathon on sunday. here is my finisher medal! ok, so this was a "virtual" race, but hey, who says i can't have a "real" medal? (if cardboard counts as real...)

i had the idea for the medal on my way home from the namiwalk on saturday. if i get a medal for finishing a 5k, i should get one for finishing a half-marathon. besides, i had never run a half-marathon before, so of course i had to have a medal...

it was a tough race, my legs being tired from the adventures the day before. (remember i was racing all out on the sand at times). i had to walk a lot, (hence the horrible time 2:29:08), but obviously DNF'ing a virtual race was not an option. i had plenty of time should i need it. it was morning, still. the really bad part was that my ipod crapped out on me right at the start, so i wasn't too happy about running 13.1 miles without music. but i've gone longer without it, too. (on a side note i returned it to the manufacturer today and should be getting a replacement pretty soon). all in all i had fun. it could have been just another 13-mile "training run", but it was a "virtual half-marathon" instead, and that sounds a heck of a lot better, doesn't it?

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