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The Featured ExtraOrdinary Runner Award for May

Posted Oct 17 2008 9:13pm

Who doesn't like being inspired by a running story? 

That's why sharing others' experiences is a pleasure in the monthly Extraordinary Running Stories.

Ericka_2 We're pleased to announce the Featured Running Story for May and the winner of a FREE pair of shoes from is Ericka for her story Because I know what it's like to not be able to...    

Imagine running every step with chronic pain.  As Ericka describes it,

Within a matter of weeks, I had gone from a hyper, very active child who participated in basketball, running, gymnastics, volleyball, and softball, to one who could barely get out of bed and walk the halls of school.  Only 13, my body easily felt like that of an 80-year old.

We’re sure you’ll find the rest of her story is inspiring and moving,

Betsy Sharing thoughts about running, particularly from those challenging moments, can be an inspirational gift to other runners.  Betsy puts into words her experience from the final stages of a marathon in The Last 6.2

That last mile was the longest mile I have ever run. For the entire race, I'd been surrounded by people, but in that last mile, things were quiet. There were no spectators or volunteers anywhere near by. Only a few runners were close to me, and I could see all of them struggling. . .In that final mile, I pulled out every trick I knew to keep going. . . I focused on objects a bit ahead of me and imagined myself pulling on them, moving myself further along.

Inthefastlane One of our other favorite stories is not about racing but about the relief that a running routine brings to day-to-day life.

If you’ve never had a stressful day, then you can skip this next story.  Otherwise, it’s written for all of us, and you'll appreciate the rest in Chaos TheoryIn the Fast Lane writes...

I am trying to remain calm, but my heart is starting to race with anxiety. The chaos in my kitchen is a wonderful part of having a family. It is a blessing, but for me, the chaos sometimes hurts… It is an anxiety caused by the richness of my life and as such, I learn to revel in the chaos and sometimes join in and encourage it to continue.

The chaos, however, is not something that I can keep as part of me…but yet I crave silence. I crave peace. And so, I must find those times to recharge: my morning run, alone, quiet except for the sounds of my footfall…

Remember, great moments in running happen every day among the most ordinary of runners.  Everyone is invited to share your extraordinary running story at at Runners' Lounge,  where we  celebrate their running accomplishments, friends and inspiration.

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