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The Family's Summer, Life and Dealing With Trantrums

Posted Aug 21 2011 7:50pm
I’ve been recently asked why I don’t talk about my family as much as I did earlier in the blog. I guess I have been more focused on my training, races and moodiness than talking about the family. All in all they are doing well and it has been a good summer. One that has flown by and seems like it still should be in June. But here we are just over a week to go before school start once again. The summers as a kid seemed like they lasted forever and that school was so very far away once you were out in May. The days were spent playing in the neighborhood and riding your bike for days on end. Maybe even a vacation over that time as well with the family heading off to somewhere exotic like Florida, Colorado or other unexplored parts of the country. But my parents were right to tell me that when you get older the days and years go by much faster. I could not understand what they were talking about for a very long time. But how right they were. Maybe it is once you realize that time and life is so precious and short that time speeds up and makes our time even more precious. For us this summer we have planned organized baseball, tball, swimming lessons, flag football, soccer and vacation bible school. Sounds like a busy one but really it is very slow paced summer to this point. But all that changes once fall comes, school starts and all of the activities start again. God help us have the strength to survive!

I was sitting in church this morning watching a friend with his new born baby. It still amazes me this whole life thing, how we are made, born, grow and live. In many ways it truly is a miracle that we can create life and live the lives we do. But watching that baby today you remember just how dependent they are on you. How every little thing you provide for the child. You provide them protection, warmth, food, hygiene, education and most importantly love. For me as hard as those early weeks, months and years were with having to provide all of that to your child it seem easier than when you child gets older. That is when they are young you have the control and they typically follow. But as they grow and get older that control in a sense is challenged and or misplaced or even lost to the child. They learn to push your buttons and to try and take control. I guess that is where we are with our kids at the moment. We truly do love the age they are at when you can see them becoming their own person, learning to read and holding very adult conversations with you. But they also push their social and authority bounties every chance they have to try and take that control in the family.

I have really great kids. We are so proud of them and are amazed most days of what they already know and or can do. But almost every day we have at least one situation where they challenge us and or try and work the family system. I know I am preaching to the choir here as any parent has or is going through something similar. But I guess it is always hardest when it is your own kids. I can so clearly see what is wrong with other people’s kids. But for my own the lenses sometimes are not as sharp or clear. This is one of the other stresses that I have been dealing with, that is my son’s tantrums and attitude this summer. It has been very hard to live through some of these and wonder why they are happening. They disrupt the family, upset my wife and I and take away from my daughters time and experiences whenever they occur. So for some evenings and or weekends when I would like to just relax and recover from a long week or focus on a training session I in turn have to deal with one of these situations. I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with them and or address them. So until we do this will remain a source of stress.So that is how the family is at the moment.

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