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The Diet of an Average Joggler

Posted Mar 26 2013 5:44am

Here’s an interesting article about what an elite marathon runner eatsfood juggling

I like his general guidelines which include…

1.  Eat foods that you like.

2.  Eat enough calories

3.  Prepare foods in advance so you can eat when you want them

4.  Allow for “bad foods” to reward yourself for a hard workout

He goes on to give some more specific details about what he eats and it’s worth reading.  His post inspired me to write a similar breakdown of what an Average Joggler (who’s training for a marathon) eats.

Breakfast – Usually a bowl of cereal and a couple of pieces of toast.  I often put peanut butter on the toast.  If my wife is working from home or it is on the weekend, she’ll ask me to get her some coffee at the local donut shop and I’ll get myself a donut.

Lunch – I work at home and often forget to eat lunch.  But when I do it’s usually a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a fried egg, or some left-overs. It really depends on what’s around the house.  Sometimes I’ll just eat fruit or carrots.  It just depends on what’s in the house.  If we have a lot of food in the house, I eat more.  If we don’t have much in the house (like today) I don’t eat much at all.

Dinner – My wife cooks most of our dinners so I have a variety of fish, chicken, or pork dishes.  We seem to have a lot of rice which is good because I like rice.  We also have some vegetable like green beans or spinach, or some assorted greens salad.

Snacks – I don’t snack much but after a run I frequently get a candy bar (although not this year) or a sleeve of Nutter Butter Cookies.

Pre-race / Pre-run – Nothing specific.  Sometimes I go for a long run without eating anything.  Usually, I like to have something though so it will be a bowl of cereal, toast or some other easy thing to make.

There you have it, the Average Joggler’s diet.  I probably have too many unhealthy calories (like last week’s 12 beers on Friday) but I try to keep a diverse diet that includes fruits, vegetables, and various other foods.  I’ve been able to keep my weight down and when I think of it, I can lose weight by eating less.  It’s just hard to eat less when daily joggling makes you pretty hungry.

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