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The Captain Loves His New Under Armour Kicks

Posted Nov 05 2012 1:03am
I have never seen The Captain so excited about a pair of running shoes before...  when the Fed Ex man brought this parcel from Under Armour , he ripped into like a kid at Christmas!

I have to admit, these shoes are pretty special... just look at them...

And they fit like they were made for him.  When he knew he was going to be trying them out, he looked at the Under Armour web site and checked their sizing chart to find the right fit.  But it is kind of a guess when you don't have the shoes there to actually try. I think that the natural tendency, mine at least, is to order larger than you might really need, but he went by suggested sizing and the shoes he selected fit perfectly.

And he loves the color!    Who knew men were so interested in the look of their running gear? Well, apparently they are!

I couldn't get him to take the new kicks off! And he wore them around inside pretty much for the rest of the day.

His first opportunity to take them out for a test run happened the next day... the weather has been blustery and soggy here, on and off for a couple of weeks now... so we have only been getting out intermittently, between rains.  And we both thought it might be a good idea to go for a short run the first time he wore the new shoes, just to make sure they were going to be all right.

Normally when we run, he holds back and stays at my pace.  He is usually only interested in going cause I want to go.  But on this particular day, I had to run a fair bit harder to keep up with him.  He was really enjoying himself and I could tell he was loving the running for himself, not just because I was happy to be out.

I kept asking him how the shoes felt, and how his knees felt. And each time the reply was 'great'.  This was a real concern for me as we know he needs a cushioned shoe.  And this Under Armour Spine RPM Running Shoe  provides lightweight and responsive cushioning without sacrificing stability and support.  We finished that 3.7 km and came in and had a good long stretch.  He went and checked the Weather Channel to see when we might go out again.  That was a first.

5 days later we set out for our normal 5 km around the neighborhood and he was prancing.  The Captain has a very natural Chi Running gait.  He lifts his whole foot and has a fairly upright posture with just a bit of a forward lean, and lands each step on the middle of his foot... a gait I spent a great deal of time and effort learning to execute, over the past couple of years in reading about Chi Running and Walking.

It was another good run and he enjoyed it a lot.  He says that he is confident in the support the shoe offers and that is it very comfortable. And just as an aside, he is also happy that the laces are not overly long like they are in some of his other running shoes.

A few days ago, another 5 km test around the same route found us completing it in 1-1/2 minutes under our normal time. I am happy to say that I am getting faster myself, cause he seems to be pulling me along faster and  I know it is because he is feeling so great running in these Under Armour shoes .

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