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The Candy Bar Challenge

Posted Feb 03 2013 8:39am

I’ll admit it, I like candy bars.  No, I love candy bars.  I could probably eat a candy bar every day.  In fact, last year I ate approximately 200 candy bars.  This was because I got into this habit of visiting the Walgreens near my house at the end of every run.  I would stop in and get a soda (usually Diet Dr. Pepper) and a candy bar.

They tasted great but even picking the best candy bars to eat , I was still adding an additional 200 calories after every run.  Doing the math, (1 lb = 3500 calories) that’s more than 10 pounds worth of calories!  If I would have not eaten any candy bars last year and not replaced the calories with something else, I would be 10 lbs lighter.

A person my size and gender burns approximately 150 calories per mile run.  I’ve known this for some time and often look at foods in terms of the number of miles it will require to burn them off.  Those 200 candy bars essentially negated the caloric burning effects of 267 miles of running last year.  This did not seem good. 20130203-071024.jpg

So, this year I gave myself a challenge.  I will limit myself to 1 candy bar each month.  That will cut out 37,000 calories and theoretically cause me to lose 10 lbs.

I had my January candy bar on January 28th.  I thought a lot about the type of candy bar to eat.  By only getting one a month, I didn’t want to waste my choice on something like a Three Musketeers or Milky Way.  No, I needed an excellent candy bar.  One with chocolate, almonds, and toffee.  Calories be damned!

My choice… The Symphony bar!

I bought it at a Walgreens on my way to this after school tutoring program I volunteer at.  Of course, I didn’t eat it right away.  I held it in my hands and felt the sleek, shiny plastic wrapping.  Then I tucked it away in my backpack pocket and waited three and a half hours until I returned home where I could devour the morsel in private.

And it was wonderful.  I can still smell the warm candy odors and taste the blend of almonds, sugar, chocolate and toffee.  I can’t wait until my February candy bar.  What to have, what to have?

Any suggestions?



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