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The Calm Before The Storm

Posted Apr 26 2011 12:16am

Well, in two days I'll get the keys to our new house. I don't have one. single. box packed. This is SO not like me....I'm blaming it on Medifast diet. Really though, I have plenty of time to make the move so why not enjoy every moment that I can with the kids at the pool before it's scortching outside!?!?

Little Mama and I had a nice afternoon swimming, I got to thinking how sad it will be when I send her off to kindergarten in another year...I know it will be nice to have some freedom but how lucky am I to have three awesome kids and to have the chance of watching them grow, being there for them when ever they need me. Thanks Big Papa for allowing me to be a stay at home mom. I will always treasure these days.

Today's Workout: Run/walk on treadmill 45 minutes,  & upper body weights
I will be happy when I can go full force with my workouts again, I miss having tons of energy and the endorphin high from a great workout. As for hunger, it's really not bad. Only temptation I get is when I'm making dinner at night (I have to just cook it and leave the room), and when I walk past the Lifetime Fitness cafe...I LOVE their healthy food especially the smoothies and wraps. Oh well, soon enough!

Maybe when I'm all skinny I'll do a big bikini reveal like Kirstie Alley did on Oprah, only I won't hide behind a robe because I'll actually be skinny!! Ouch, that was catty...but you know you all were thinking it.

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