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the Brain's taper is over....

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:36pm
You know you are a runner when you spend $496 on college text books and the first thing you think (before "DANG that is a lot of money for 5 books!") is:

Darn, there goes 5 marathon entries.

Or one really good destination marathon plus airfare.

Or 5 new pairs of sneakers.

Or 24 local 5k entries.

Or 31 tubes of Nuun and 124 Gu's.

Or a new Garmin Forerunner 310Xt, a marathon entry, AND a new pair of sweet shorts.

Dang that is a lot of money for 5 textbooks (two of which are used).

Alas, eduction is more important. Right?

School starts Wednesday for this mama. I'll be entering my eighth college semester over the last ten years. (yes, I'm one of THOSE students. My life plan is as sporadic as I am). After graduating high school in 2000, two and a half wasted years as a marine biology major, and a 5 year hiatus, I *finally* found a major and career path I'm absolutely in love with and passionate about: Exercise and Sports Science.

And then I got pregnant again and had to take another year off. haha.

But now I'm going back, hopefully for good, and not stopping until I finally, FINALLY have that diploma in my hand.

Then we will talk masters degree. I'm going to be paying college loans until I'm 97, haha.

Wish me luck!!
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