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The Book Challenge ...

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:00am
The Book Challenge

One of my favorite adult things to do is going out to dinner with the hubby or a friend, pigging out on good food and conversation, then contentedly making our way over to the Bookstore to peruse the latest titles. I used to be a very well-read woman, going into a store and recognizing many titles, recalling their themes and endings. Now...I go into a bookstore and I don't recognize anything; my reading has taken a severe nose dive since I've turned to athletics. It's partly a time issue, that I don't have as much time to read and then there's the "I'm going to fall asleep if I sit down issue". So, I've limited myself to mostly magazines the last few years. But I miss my books.

I was so jealous when I saw Jedi's list of books he's read. I even tried to get a few of the books he's read, trying to read them for myself, but the inevitable happens...I get a third to half way through and then the dust encroaches...the fines accrue...or if I bought it, I throw it in a drawer to forget my disgrace and disappointment at not finishing another book. This 3 year spree of non-book reading is really starting to bother me. I've given up all T.V. watching to make time for the things I want to do in my continual pursuit of balance, but there must be a way to break this tenacious spell. I'm afraid my brain is going to rot. blogging provides a little stimulation, but I need the influx of new ideas to plump up the brain cells which, I envision shrinking like a bunch of dehydrating grapes in the sun...on their way to raisins.

So, I'm trying something new. I'm going to do what many teachers are doing in the schools and issuing myself a book challenge. I'm not going to put a number on it for the time being, but I added a new element to my blog page which you will notice as: Books I've Read. I bought two books last night at Borders: The Road and Bird by Bird--a fiction apocalyptic page turning Oprah book selection and a non-fiction book on writing. I will not add any more books to my list until I have completely finished these two books. This just may do the trick for me. I also may institute a "Family Reading Hour" where we all nerdily amass in the living room with our books for an hour of quietude and reading. I'm tired of harping on my son to read his books when I've been the most miserable of role models these past few years. My daughter reads well but is in perpetual motion and has not gotten in the habit of reading at home.

My parents never needed to encourage my reading as a youngster, I was self-propelled of my own freewill to go to the library. I would stand in front of the stacks for near an hour, picking out just the right book. I don't know what happened to my reading drive. I think it's the strangest thing...but I'm going to get it back!
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