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The Big Reveal

Posted Dec 03 2012 12:00am
[N.B. It seems that my blog via email delivery hasn't worked in forever. I think I've fixed it now but you'll have to re-subscribe in that box over there.... Thanks! -----------------> ]

Happy December y'all!!!

While for some people this means leaving their running shoes to collect dust in a corner while they're getting jiggy at the month-long holiday parties that seem to have kicked off already, I'm getting geared up for a whole lotta awesomeness and change that's about to hit the Two Itchy Feet household.

So, without further ado, all of my hinting and speculating will come to an end as of right now. As promised, here's the big reveal:
1. Those of you who stopped by on Friday and/or have read my guest post on RunnerB will know by now that I've done it. I've signed up for my first ever marathon. Yup, moi, doing 26.2 friggin' miles. Still can't quite believe it myself but I've got one helluva support team behind me and with Team Rainbow there to calm my nerves the night before and to await me at the finish (with a big ole' bottle of Champagne, I hope!), I'll get 'er done. 
The day Katie sent me this, I was decided. How can you not sign up for a marathon with that kind of craziness support?!

2. Now, on to the other big whopper for 2013: G and I are upping sticks and are leaving the Fenland for the milder climes of the south coast. I've been hinting at this on Twitter and you may have noticed me spending every other weekend down there recently, running along the stormy seafront instead of the calmer riverbanks found up here.

This will soon be me regular running ground. Can't complain, ey?!

After over seven years of living in Cambridge, we figured it was time for a change. And as we've always dreamed of living by the sea, we figured why not now? It may not quite be Belize, but it's something.  So, as of the end of this month, we'll have moved all of our crap belongings down south and me huffing and puffing along the Brighton & Hove promenade will become quite the common sight to behold for the locals down there. I. Can't. Wait.
We're ready for our next adventure, methinks!

3. I got nothing, really, but I always feel that good news (and bad!) comes in threes?? Well, you tell me YOUR exciting news for 2013 and let's live vicariously through each other!
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