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The Beginning

Posted Aug 07 2009 12:00am
So, I've had this blog for probably a year and this will be my first post. I think what I would like to do is blog about my dog Dash, the benefits of pool running as cross training for runners and finally, since we pretty much watch a movie every night, I'll do a little DVD review as well.

First, let me tell you a little bit about me. I was extremely inactive during my school years, as I had alot of leg issues and 2 knee surgeries to which I was told I would never be involved in sports and if I didn't have both my knees replaced by the time I was 25, I would be in a wheelchair. (but that is a another blog for a different day)

That being said, my workout routine was a stationary bike and a rowing machine. When I was 20, I decided to run a mile and it took me 20 minutes to do it. I made a promise to myself that I would run a mile everyday regardless of how much I liked it. So for about 6 months I ran a mile everyday until I was down to a 10 minute mile. My dad who traveled alot, was back in town and told me that he would run the mile with me, but let's do HIS route. Now my dad is one of those liars who tell you it's just a mile, but it's really 3. So, I took the car out and realized what we did was 3 miles and I felt good, so I decided I would run that route 5 days a week! The next week I was running 15 miles a week, which to me was completely incredible.

The next thing I know, Dad's got me signed up for the Long Island Half Marathon (I'm orginally from Long Island, although I now reside in Northern VA) and I thought he was CRAZY. I could not run a half marathon. But, I went and on my own started training (we didn't have internet and I wasn't subscribing to runner's world, so it was best guess). Anyway, I wound up beating my dad in the Half Marathon and I was completely hooked on running. I was up to 40 mile weeks by the time the 1/2 rolled around and I decided I never wanted to deal with building up the mileage, so I tried to keep a 40 mile week going.

That was not quite 20 years ago. As for the knees, I've kept up a 40 mile week pretty much with injury exceptions, and illnesses. I've run 6 marathons (although I was running 13 years before attempting one) and Boston Marathon 2 times. Sadly about 2 years ago (August '07) my 'good' knee (which just means the one that isn't in as bad a shape) was bothering me and my knee doctor told me that I was forming bone spurs in the knee joint and the running at this point wasn't helping. I needed to back off running so many miles. Well, I love running and really didn't like this idea, because I HATE biking. When I used to get injured, I would go to the pool and pool run and that always seemed to keep me fit.

Now, in the last few years, I started running with a group, Capital Area Runners , and my great running coach informed me that I only needed 3 days of running a week to stay fit for races! I then found some very good articles regarding pool running and they stated that in order to calculate distance, you don't do the actual distance in the pool, it's a minute for minute, run-pool ratio. So I calculate that 90 minutes of pool running is a 10 mile run and 60 minutes is a 6-7 mile run. Since fall of 2007 I have been substituting 2 of my weekly runs for pool runs.

I will tell you my success in the next blog!
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