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The Basics of Resistance Training

Posted Oct 08 2012 2:03pm

Getting Some Dumbbells is a Good Start for Resistance Training


Resistance training can be one brutal workout, especially for those who are just jumping into it. The benefits of resistance training, however, can improve the quality of your life exponentially. This form of training helps your muscles grow and get toned, which is a great thing living in a society where your muscles aren’t getting used daily with all the technology now doing the work for us. For those of you that don’t know, resistance training is any kind of workout that causes some kind of external resistance to the particular muscle your working out. It is from this, that your muscles start getting bigger and more toned out.  The way this works is that when you lift weights or do anything that causes this external resistance to your muscles, they tear microscopically and are repaired by your body (which is why tons of people say to take in the proper nutrients when you workout).

When your body repairs these tears, they make the muscle stronger and bigger allowing it to regenerate quickly when fatigued (Not to mention give you some awesome looking muscles).  How do you get started with resistance training? It’s pretty simple, actually. All you need to do is find an outlet store that sells used dumbbells to save yourself some cash. From there, you can different lifting techniques with them to work specific muscle groups out. This helps you increase your life expectancy as well as help you lose weight. Research has shown that if you commit to resistance training at regular intervals, your metabolism will speed up, allowing you to shed the weight you want to lose when combined with regular cardio. Not just that, but resistance training has also shown to help grow bones, meaning that it can help prevent serious bone diseases such as osteoporosis. Also, it has been shown that as you age, your muscles deteriorate at a fixed rate; so periodic training can help you keep your body strong, even as you age into your golden years.


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