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the adventure after the adventure

Posted Mar 02 2011 2:15am
Well, as promised, here's the story of the second run last Sunday. After eating 3000 calories of greasy fries and brown gravy, I headed back to Osage Hills to check out some new trails. They were new to me anyway Brenna drove Stormy's Excursion home, and Stormy and I went on a discovery mission. To seek out new trails and destinations. To boldly go where.... well, here. There are several mountain bike loops of which I had covered one. We took off and intended to run every mile of them, plus tackling the trail to the boy scout camp and beyond. The trail I had been on last summer, I had bailed on due to being out of water and it was 105°. On our trip today, I found that I had bailed out 100 yards from the end of the trail. The mystery trail--where did it go?--was just a few more steps away. Hmmph!! Well, I still wondered if there was a trail north of the camp, was there a trail south of the camp. We were here, so why not check it out? We followed the perimeter of the camp staying close to the river, when we found the most amazing thing! This old swinging bridge crossed the deep muddy river to the other side--where miles of trails might lie in waiting. I just HAD to cross this bridge! I walked out on it a little ways, and discovered it was securely fenced off with chain link.
I probably could have maneuvered around it, and was thinking about just that when Stormy mentioned that the rusty cross-members under the bridge were broken and bent in several places. I looked under it, and agreed that the bridge was in pretty sorry shape.
We followed the river on around looking for anything else of interest. We did find where an old road led right down to the river, and maybe years ago, there was a low water crossing there. There was too much water for us to sensibly cross, but it really did look like there were trails or jeep roads on the other side. Another day perhaps. The lady in the park office told us it was private property, and the land owner was a cantankerous sort. Oh well--it sounds like a good adventure.
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