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The “Magic” of Compression Gear

Posted Nov 17 2012 11:08am

Do these magic pants actually work?


You may have seen UFC fighters, football players, and even runners wear those spandex-like shorts. Also known as compression equipment, these flexible pieces of clothing have claims of improved physical performance and muscle enhancement through their tight fitting material. However, do they really deliver these near exaggerated claims? The truth is that it does not. In fact, there have been studies that scientists in Australia and India have made that show that there is little to no physical enhancement that is added when these compression clothes are worn. These studies tested the physical capabilities of subjects who wore these compression clothes and without it the results show that there was almost no difference in physical performance. The only benefit to these compression clothes is that it improves blood circulation slightly. This improvement is not exponential to the point that it will assist athletes in extreme sports, however. Unfortunately, for a 55$ piece of tights, you’re not really getting your money’s worth in physical enhancement.  The claims that companies like Under Armour regarding their compression gear aren’t wholly true; these products hardly make much a different in your workout regiment. Though the performance enhancement claims are not necessarily true, there are positive effects to wearing these compression clothes. Research in New Zealand showed that cyclists who biked at extended distances with the compressions shorts on noted that their recovery rate was significantly better than without them. It seems that these compression clothes do assist in the muscle recovery rate. However, whether this is worth the 55$ for your workout regiment is based on opinion rather than fact. Personally, I wouldn’t bother with these compression clothes despite the recovery improvement. You have better health alternatives that can yield the same effect for half the price.


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