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That Time I (Gracefully) Fell

Posted Mar 24 2013 7:52pm

And also it’s only 5 weeks until the Illinois Half Marathon!  After last weekend’s half marathon in NYC, all I can think about is training to PR down Champaign on April 27!

I didn’t get to work out much this week.  Monday I flew back to Chicago, Tuesday I went to the Shedd Aquarium with little man Elliot, my brother and sister in law, Wednesday I went to spin class, Thursday I went to a going away happy hour for a co-worker and Friday I rested.  Saturday I  ran 9 miles (and also fell)!

I don’t know if I’d consider Tuesday day a real rest day, because we sure walked all over the Shedd with Elliot. He LOVED the fish!

We caught him kissing the glass a few times.  That's how much he loved the fish.

We caught him kissing the glass a few times. That’s how much he loved the fish.



It was also a  pretty pretty day in Chicago. I was already missing my beloved NYC, but I was quickly reminded why I love this city.

What you cannot see in this pic is the 5 degree windchill and 30MPH winds.

What you cannot see in this pic is the sub arctic windchill and 30MPH winds.

So I only worked out one time during the week, but my old lady body was still recovering from the half on Sunday.  I know I didn’t run that “fast” compared to most people, but it was the hardest I’d worked in a long, long time.  Wednesday night spin was pretty hard  for me too – I could feel that the ole legs were still kinda beat up.

Fast forward to Saturday.  Molly and I head out around noon to tackle a 9 miler.  We waited that long for two reasons.  1) I wanted to sleep in and then drink ALL THE COFFEE before we ran and 2) it was cold. We wanted to wait until it “warmed up” to a balmy 35 degrees.  The run, for the most part, was a success.   We hovered around 10 min/mi pace (speed demons!) and were running on the south side, which provided a welcome change in scenery to the north side lake running path.

Seriously. So pretty. The lake. The beach. The skyline?!

Seriously. So pretty. The lake. The beach. The skyline?!

All was going well… until my dumbass fell around mile 6.5.  There is a little stretch of the path that is crumbling around the edges and I somehow misstepped (is that even a word?) and I swear to you, I flew INTO THE AIR and then rolled on the ground.  I rolled the shit out of my ankle.   This is the first time I’ve ever fallen during a run, so perhaps I’m being a bit dramatic, but it scared the crap out of me.  I stood up and was happy to find I could walk and didn’t break anything.   I was able to walk, so we walked for about a half mile, but it got SO COLD (it was a wee bit windy), so we slowly shuffled the rest of way to the end of 9 miles.  I didn’t think I hurt my ankle that badly since I was able to run.  Molly said it was adrenaline, I say it was stupidity, because today it hurts  so bad to point/flex, rotate or walk on the thing.  It’s not swollen or bruised, which I find weird, but the foot hurts to the touch.  I’ve never busted or rolled an ankle, so I know nothing about what happens when something like this happens. Well I know to ice.  Which I did… with a sweet package of veggies.

Those are sexy socks, I KNOW.

Those are sexy socks, I KNOW.

And I woke up to a super swollen knee (it did not look like this yesterday and I couldn’t really get a good pic of it – single girl problems.).

Someone needs a tan.

Someone needs a tan.

I’m really, really glad I had on my hard shell running pants, otherwise, I’m pretty sure my knee would have been torn to shreds.  I basically fell onto broken up asphalt, not pretty.  I knocked up my elbow and hand too. Yay!

So anyway, I’ve pretty much been on the couch for the past 36 hours (which explains my rapid fire march madness tweets) because I’m sore everywhere. The cat must be annoyed that I’m taking up his space, because today he attacked my hair.  And because I always on my phone, I was able to capture him, mid-attack.



His response: "we're not."

His response: “we’re not.”

Anywaysss, I will go to a pilates mat class tomorrow because I need/want to workout, but don’t want to hurt the stupid foot/ankle any further.   I don’t want to push it, but I also don’t want to rest too much and lose the little training momentum that  I have going!

So that is that.  Here’s to hoping my old lady body heals and I’m back to the treadmill soon!

PS: It’s one hour until the Illini tip off against Miami!  LET’S GO ILLINI!

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