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that time I forgot to drink water

Posted Sep 13 2011 7:30am

I’m sitting at the kitchen table, eating a bowl of oatmeal, thinking it’s Friday.

Uh, it’s only Tuesday. That’s bad. How does a person get Tuesday & Friday confused?


I forgot to make up a plan for this week, so I’m gonna whip one up real quick:

plan it out then work it out

Monday: 4mi
Tuesday: 5mi
Wed: XT
Thurs: 4mi
Fri: Rest
Sat: 9mi
Sunday: rest/recovery run,

Likely total: 22mi


Let’s go over last week’s plan:

Monday: xtrain – upper body  I can’t remember, and I can’t see find if I documented it anywhere.. “if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen.” right Nurse friends?
Tuesday- 5mi   3mi on the treadmill + upper body work out
Wednesday: 3mi  5.6 miles outside
Thursday: 4mi   no run . met up with a friend for dinner
Friday: Rest or xtrain   resting up for that big 8 miler
Saturday: 8-9mi w/ running group  tough 8 miler with running group
Sunday: 3mi recovery   ha ha, yah right. didn’t happen

total actual miles 17.something  not exactly stellar


Daily work out

I did start off this week’s plan with a good run. Last night when I got off work, I hung around the house for a little while in hopes that it would cool off a little when the sun started to set.

It kind of worked. There was a little bit of a breeze when I went out, but the sun was still glaring down hard. The weather man says the humidity was low, but I couldn’t get a deep breath to save my life. I had to stop a few times so that I could get a good deep breath. That is just annoying.


way to fast in the first mile, and then everything after that was just all over the place. No knee pain, so that’s always a good thing. My quads were super tight during the last mile.

My chest hurt for the last 1/2mile. I think my HR was way to high during that run. I considered wearing my HRM, but I don’t like that thing so I didn’t. I think I’ll wear it on a few runs this week to see how it goes. ……and because I’m a real moron, I didn’t drink any water all day yesterday. I don’t even know how that is possible, but I didn’t.

Once I hit 4 miles I did 1/4mi walk around the block to lower my heart rate. When I got home I stretched for a few minutes before going upstairs and falling on the couch. I had a banana smoothie and called it dinner. 

Let’s hope today’s 5mile run is a little more stable.

Today’s Goal: drink more water

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