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That Time A Total Creeper Commented on All of My Posts

Posted Aug 13 2013 4:22pm

So it’s been awhile since my last post.  Normally I wouldn’t mention it but it’s kind of a weird story and those are my jam.  Right after my last post went up I started getting the creepiest comments…on nearly all of my posts, all from the same person but with different IP addresses.  All were about what I was wearing in pictures in the post and how young I look and how the person commenting wished I was younger…or I should just dress younger.  Totally gross.  Anyway, I couldn’t figure out how to block them because the IP addresses kept coming up as different and I didn’t want to put up anything new until they were gone – which took a few different plugins. Anyway,  now that’s done I can hopefully get some posts up and not feel skeeved out.

basically, this.

basically, this.

Last week I set a pretty good schedule up. I wasn’t sure if I was being too ambitious with the back to back runs but they turned out to be fine. I ended up going Sunday-Thursday without a proper full rest day so I’m trying to be better about that this week since I seem to have a knack for hurting myself.

  • Sunday: Run (Week 5 Day 1 (5 Run, 2 Walk, 4 Run, 2 Walk, 5 Run)*
  • Monday: Swim - Done. I’m not tracking distance in the pool since I’m not training for anything…but I spent about 35-40 minutes swimming/kick-boarding.  It alleviates all the knots/soreness in my legs. I love it.
  • Tuesday: Run (Week 5 Day 2 (6 Run, 1 Walk, 4 Run, 1 Walk, 6 Run) Done at lunch! I’ve missed lunch running and can’t wait for cool weather to return so I can do it more.
  • Wednesday: Run (Week 5 Day 3 (7 Run, 2 Walk, 5 Run, 2 Walk, 7 Run) – I normally don’t run on back to back days so we’ll see how this works. Done. Back to back days felt really hard but I ran farther and faster than I did the day before so that was nice to see.
  • Thursday: Spin class with  CocoDone. My legs were SO TIRED but about halfway through class the tightness from the back to back runs broke up and it felt good.
  • Friday: Drive to PA after work…in rush hour.  Delightful. Done. It took 2 hours longer than normal. Gross. 

This week, I have the following line up:

  • Sunday: Run (Week 6 Day 1 (8 Run, 3 Walk, 8 Run) – I did this when I was in PA and it was wonderful and cool. I loved it.
  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: Swim (In case you’re wondering, my swim schedule is based on how hot is is outside. Tomorrow it’s 10 degrees cooler than today.)
  • Wednesday: Run (Week 6 Day 2 (10 Run, 3 Walk, 10 Run)
  • Thursday: Spin
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: Run (Week 6 Day 4 (20 Run!!)
  • Sunday: Spin

My spin obsession is hitting a new level. I really want to try a weekend class, so we’ll see how I do with another instructor. I’ve had great luck at Revolve so far.


How do you put together your workout schedules? Is there a method to your madness?

 * I need to re-clarify that those numbers are minutes of running/walking and not total miles! Normally I include a picture that makes that more clear but I didn’t this time. 

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