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Thankful Things Thursday: There Is A Good Puppy Photo In This Post

Posted Oct 13 2011 8:53am

Today has all the makings of a bad day — I woke up feeling miserable, I definitely didn’t get to run (again), there are no signs of nice weather in today’s forecast and I have a meeting at 11 that I’m wildly unprepared for — but I refuse to let it play out that way.

Maybe if today didn’t happen to be , I’d let myself be in a pissy mood. But, today is that one magical day of the week where I say, “Ali, forget about the fact that you have Crohn’s and/or colitis, and think about all the fantastic things you have in your life.”

Shall we?

I’m thankful for yesterday’s sick day. Am I thankful that I feel like crap (hilarious pun)? No. Not at all.

This was me all day yesterday. I hardly moved. And I never changed out of my Halloween pajamas.

But I am really glad that I was able to spend the entire day alternating between my couch and my bed. Brian stayed home with me, and together we were a lovely sight: me, constantly running for the bathroom, and him, trying to calm his sinus infection with a Neti Pot (ew), Afrin spray and several spontaneous naps.

We watched a lot of “Modern Family” and I fell asleep a lot. Every time he would complain that the apartment was “too hot,” I would be sitting there with goosebumps. Turns out, I had a 100.6-degree fever. Not too high, but high enough that my body was out of whack and unhappy.

I’m thankful there is a grocery store right across the street from my building. Many people ask me “what I eat” with Crohn’s disease (ahem, colitis now, folks). There are certain foods I avoid entirely — corn, pizza (sad) and fried stuff — but generally when I’m having a flare-up I eat whatever doesn’t completely repulse me. I tend to lose my appetite and just eat because I know I should.

The only time I left the apartment yesterday was to run across the street to the grocery store. As soon as I walked in, my stomach went into attack-mode and I freaked out. I think leaving the comfort of my own home got to me. I panicked a little bit, bought a box of brownie mix and ran back home.

And yes, I had a brownie for dinner. Fantastic diet, I know.

I’m thankful your Sweat shirts are on their way. It feels great knowing that the shirts arrived, and that they’re being shipped all over the place today.

The shirts are begging, "Send us to our owners! We want to get sweaty!"

Again, there are no shirts for sale right now — not online and not in stores.

I’m thankful that after a disastrous day at home – involving many unattractive and urgent visits to the bathroom in my small studio apartment — Brian seems to be sticking around. One of the worst things about having a digestive disorder is that the symptoms are so gross to talk about. And it’s funny, because I have no problem writing all about this stuff on my blog (you’re welcome), but I hate talking about it face-to-face with Brian. Dating is weird.

I’m thankful for puppies. Aren’t I always? Look at these little guys:

That's a cute photo. Wow. Snuggle puppies. I would like to be snuggling with a million puppies, please.

I’m thankful that I just have to get through today, and then I’m on a mini-vacation. I can’t wait to get out of the city and spend a few days relaxing with my family.

These people are fun, I swear. And maybe a little crazy.

The plans for the getaway include getting a massage, playing tennis, bike riding and eating. I’m not sure how active I’ll want to be, but I’m hoping just being in the “time to chill out” mentality will help my stomach cool it.

I’m thankful that I “only” have Crohn’s or colitis or whatever. Yeah, this sucks. Being sick sucks. But my situation could be so much worse and I feel fortunate that while there isn’t at cure for these diseases, there are temporary treatments for them. Every time I have a flare-up I get upset and frustrated, but they are called flare-ups for a reason: they flare up, and then they calm down. I can deal with that. And that $20,000 you all helped me raise ? Pretty sure that’s going to help put an end to these little problems.

I’m thankful you’ve been voting ! I’m honored to be included in SHAPE magazine’s Top Blogs contest, even though I think it’s a little odd to be “nominated” in the sports category.

Hey it's me, Ali. You know, the "Sports Nut." Right?

Though, last night I did throw a tennis ball around my apartment for a little while…alone…and dropped the ball a lot. But yeah, I’m basically ready for Wimbledon, so if you’d like to cast your vote for Ali On The Run , that would be nice. You can vote every day (one vote per computer each day) until October 28. Good times.

I’m thankful I got a seat on the subway this morning. That always makes the commute just a bit more pleasant.

I’m thankful Sharpies come in more colors than just black. Because what fun is life if you can’t address envelopes in an obnoxiously bright color?

I’m thankful for all the helpful advice on yesterday’s post. I really appreciate the doctor recommendations, and I’m eager to start making some calls.

I’m thankful that my last name is easy to write in cursive. It’s really loopy because it has “elle” in the middle of it. It makes signing my name pretty simple.

I’m thankful for sarcasm. It’s a helpful language tool, I think.

I’m thankful Thankful Things Thursday exists. I mean, I guess it “exists” in my mind only, but there are days, days like today, during which I just want to be cranky. I want to give up, I want to give in to feeling sick and I just want to quit life for a little while. Sometimes I really don’t want to post all the things I’m happy about, because there are (very rare) occasions during which I’m just not feeling peppy.

This is me being peppy. That isn't ALWAYS the case. (It usually is. I like life. But not all the time.)

But I refuse to break this Thursday tradition of mine, so no matter how I’m feeling, once a week I will take the time to reflect only on the good things.

And it helps.

I promise, it helps.

SO NOW YOU DO IT: Even if you’re cranky and whiny today, I bet you can think of three things you’re psyched about. Share. That’s my favorite part.

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