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Thankful Things Thursday: On Positive Outlooks

Posted Feb 21 2013 9:45pm

I’m going to jump on  Ali’s “Thankful Things Thursday” train today because, well, it sounds like  a fun train. (Just none of that “silent car” crap, okay?), plus I need some thankfulness up in here. I had a surprising setback today and need to spend time focusing on the positive. Let’s get moving.

Or go sit on a camel statue. Whatever.

Or go sit on a camel statue. Whatever you want.

I’m thankful for extremely kind strangers. A completely random person that I don’t know donated $1,600 to my fundraising campaign for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I’m now almost halfway to my $10K goal and am in complete disbelief. THIS IS SO INCREDIBLE AND BAFFLING. I don’t recognize the name and can’t figure out the connection. He didn’t list a phone number or email address; I just have a mailing address. If you need me later, I’ll be writing a long, long letter and probably bawling my eyes out with thankfulness. Thank you, generous stranger, for helping in the fight against cancer.

I’m thankful for Grumpy Cat. Probably one of my favorite   Twitter accounts  ever. Tell me this picture doesn’t make you giggle. I’ve spent hours laughing at the different memes.



I’m thankful that my office is moving. We’re currently in a horrible old Midtown office that isn’t big enough for all the employees. It’s old and and cramped and very bland and taxis honk outside our window all day long. Next week, we’re moving into a brand new, shiny, beautiful office downtown Manhattan. There are cobblestone streets and new desks and even a bright red wall! AND a conference room that will fit 100 people (as opposed to our current 30). Have I mentioned we are within walking distance of the Hudson River? I am so unbelievably excited I can’t even stand it.

I’m thankful for doctors. 


Pretend you don’t see that empty chocolate tin.

This happened.

Last week after a faster than normal run and a lot of swimming-biking-and more running, I started feeling soreness in my left foot and ankle. I went along as normal and tried to run my 11 miles on Saturday in preparation for the NYC Half Marathon. I ran the scheduled 6 miles with my Ironman team and had plans to run the last 5 on my own. But after the 6, I had to call it quits. I could feel that something wasn’t right. (Look at me, learning!) I was hoping the pain would go away and skipped my run on Tuesday to rest up. As of today though, my foot still hurts when I walk a lot or move it sideways. I saw a podiatrist, he took fancy x-rays, and ultimately diagnosed me with a stress fracture in my navicular bone.

I have one word.


The good news is that he thinks I’ll be better in three weeks or so, as long as I wear this totally fashionable boot whenever I’m walking. He also said that this type of stress fracture usually heals really well and that I should be able to jump back in with running where I left off (for the most part). If it wasn’t “Thankful Things Thursday” I would lament on how I’m not sure I’ll be able to run the NYC Half after completing the 5 borough challenge and working hard to get guaranteed entry. And how I wanted to PR oh so badly with my friends and coworkers cheering. And how I’m freaking out about all of this because I just want to run it SO BADLY. But nope. Won’t get into that. We’re being thankful, remember?

I’m thankful I can continue to swim and bike. Boot or not, I can still get my sweat on. It’s still so early in my training that I should be fine for Ironman; this little setback won’t derail me. I miss running, but it’s not like it’s gone forever. (Who am I?! I’m so mature!) Which reminds me…I’m also thankful for my bike trainer.

I have no problem biking for 2 hours when I can watch movies. Thank you cable.

I have no problem biking for 2 hours when I can watch movies. Thank you roommates for signing up for the fancy cable package even though I didn’t agree at first. FINE. You were right. I was wrong.

I’m thankful I learned my lesson from previous injuries. Instead of trying to self-diagnose and/or ignore the pain, this time I went straight to the doctor and caught it early. Hopefully after a few weeks I’ll be back to normal and stronger than ever. Foot pain be gone FOREVER.

Grumpy Kara be gone.

Learning lessons = no more injuries. DON’T COME BACK AROUND HERE, INJURIES. I know you’re intimidated by this face.

I’m thankful for my Twitter & blog friends. Thank you for checking in on me. Thank you for offering advice and support and words of wisdom. You all are lovely and I’m so happy to have you here. Thank you for being you! (Sidenote: Congrats to one of my favs  Katie on her engagement!)

I’m thankful it’s staying lighter outside later. The sun is still up when I leave work most nights! THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER. Spring is coming. I’m ecstatic.

Let's all go to Kansas where it looks like this in March. MARCH IS IN 7 DAYS!

Let’s all go to Kansas where it looks like this in March. MARCH IS IN 7 DAYS. Booking my plane ticket now. (Disregard the fact that it’s blizzarding there today).

Get thankful with me: what are you happy about? The fact that you’re not limping around in a boot? Bike trainers? Flowers?

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