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Thankful Things Thursday: My Stomach Won’t Bring Me Down

Posted Jan 26 2012 9:28am

I had exceptionally high hopes for this glorious Thursday. It didn’t matter if the sun was shining or if my hard-earned vacation tan had already faded: This day was going to be great.

But my stomach and I apparently need to get on the same page, because while I was ready to dance my way through , my stomach had other, less fun plans in store for me.

This morning I attempted to run with my fast friends Kelly and Sofia . The weather was stellar and the company was great, but the stomach. Oh, the stomach. None of the Central Park bathrooms were open. Things hurt like they haven’t hurt in a while. I eventually had to ditch the girls and bolt to the nearest Starbucks.

But now I’m thinking that’s not something I should harp on. Maybe my stomach will keep hurting. Maybe it was just a fluke thing. I’ll have to wait and see. So for now, I’m going to get all grateful and stuff, because there’s a ton of good in the world today and I’m psyched about it all.

I’m thankful for new spin class friends. CJ, you’ve always been my spinning girlfriend, and for a while I thought we were exclusive. But you haven’t come to a spin class in months, and I’m starting to forget what you look like. I’m hurt. I’m not spinning solo though, and last night I met a new spin pal, Alanna! We chatted after class and she is running her first half marathon in a few weeks. Alanna (I hope I spelled your name right), go out there and crush those Disney Princesses. We’ll all be cheering you on!

Spin was great last night. It always is. Matt apologized to me before class because he “didn’t get a chance to update his playlist after Tuesday night’s class.” Secretly I was excited, because it was an excellent playlist. That Calvin Harris song that all the spin instructors are obsessed with right now? It’s fantastic.

Matt, I’m thankful for you, and you know that.

And CJ, no I haven’t actually forgotten what you look like. I have this picture to remind me:

CJ! There you are!

I just miss you. Come spin again soon. You can meet Alanna. She’s cool. Promise.

I’m thankful I’m dating someone who likes to cook, and who happens to be quite skilled in the kitchen. It would be one thing if Brian were like, “OMG Ali, cooking is so great, I love it so much, here, sample this curry fried leg of bean chard I just made!” I don’t know if that’s a real thing or not, but it sounds gross, and I’m grateful that Brian makes nutritious, delicious meals and I get to eat them. I’m also thankful he doesn’t say things like, “OMG!”

This was Tuesday night's dinner (and today's lunch!) and it was so good. Cod with some stuff on it and spinach underneath. Well done, Bri.

I realized just how thankful I am for Brian’s cooking last night when we weren’t hanging out and I was on my own for dinner.

Yes, I made English Muffin Pizzas for the millionth time this month. Tasty? Yes. Exciting and inventive? Not so much.

I’m thankful I had the opportunity to travel to Turks & Caicos. I have a flair for the dramatic, as you may know by now, but I’m not at all exaggerating when I say this was the best vacation of my life.

That's me, hanging out at the edge of the infinity pool.

To add to that general vacation statement…

I’m also thankful for sailboats, banana boats, jet skis and underwater cameras.

This is me, a sailboat (a Hobie Cat, actually) and my thighs. They don't like being photographed so much.

This would be when our banana boat captain realized we ran out of gas, so we just kind of hung out in the ocean.

Yes, Brian, this photo is now on the Internet for the world to see. You are WELCOME.

I’m thankful I powered through this morning’s run. I really wanted to bang out 8 miles to start my day. I bounced out of bed right at 5:10 am, ready to run, but as I mentioned so dramatically above, my stomach wasn’t on board.

I still got through 7 miles, and although that wasn’t what I was going for, I didn’t completely give up. I just ran out of time. And things were hurting.

I absolutely refuse to let my body’s annoyances hold me back from doing what I love. Sure, if I break a bone I’ll probably ease up on the running a little. But Crohn’s disease? Not bringing me down. Not slowing me down. Not ruining my day.

I’m thankful for cantaloupe. It has always been one of my favorite fruits, and I’ve been craving it like mad lately.

Also strawberries. I'm very into strawberries right now.

I bought some cantaloupe last night and it’s already almost gone. Oh, also, I have portion control issues.

I’m thankful for my mom. We’ve had some quality phone chats this week. I miss her. I wish we hung out more. Mom! Are you reading this?! Move to New York City! Bring Dad!

I’m thankful I got to fly first class. It may never happen again. It was spectacular while it lasted.


I’m thankful I met all my deadlines at work this month. That almost never happens. For some reason, I’m OCD about almost everything in my life, and yet I let deadlines slip by all the time. Not this month!

I’m thankful for dark chocolate.

I’m thankful for dark chocolate with sea salt.

I’m thankful for the color orange. I think it might be my favorite color.

See? Orange is nice.

Or my favorite color is lime green. I don’t know. I can’t decide.

I’m thankful for nice people. All of ‘em. The ones who say nice things, do nice things or leave nice notes in my little lunch bag in the morning. You’re all great. Thanks for brightening up my life every day.

I’m thankful for the great weather we’re having in New York. I ran in shorts today!

I’m thankful for everything, honestly. Oh I know, how cheesy is that? But at this time last year, I don’t think I was as thankful for as many things as I am now.

In fact, according to this blog post that I recently re-discovered, it has been almost exactly one year since I applied for Run For The Rabbit. One year ago, everything in my life changed, even though I didn’t know it yet.

I didn’t think I had a shot at getting picked, but I filled out the application because I thought I might be a good fit for the competition.

Two months later I found out that I was going to be a finalist, and from there the good things just kept coming: I got a running coach, ran my first marathon, raised a ton of money for a charity I care very deeply about and won a trip to Turks & Caicos.

Oh, and I met this guy.

Brian! We met!

I guess that was a cool perk, too. (Though Brian, I think it ended up being a good deal for you, too. You thought you were just working on this campaign, and you landed a trip to Turks & Caicos, too. So yeah. You cook, I’ll win trips. Even trade.)

Well look at that! I let myself get all sappy and cheesy, and now I’m in a far better mood than I was after The Disastrous Run of January 26.

PERK YOURSELVES UP: Share what you’re thankful for today! I mean this with all sincerity — reading your Thankful Things Thursday contributions are often the best part of my week. I love what people share. I feel like we know each other.

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