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Thankful Things Thursday: Happy Thoughts On A Rainy Day

Posted Jan 12 2012 9:19am

I currently look like I got kicked, punched and then tossed underneath a rapidly flowing waterfall.

When it rains in New York City, people get aggressive. The Upper East Side was like a war zone this morning. People get all crazy with their umbrellas and just when you think you’ve found a safe opening on the sidewalk away from the pointy metal weapons — yes, weapons — sticking out from every umbrella, boom, a car speeds by, right through a puddle, and soaks you.

So that happened. And I look dang adorable because of it. Thank you, wind, for giving me a free perm today. I appreciate it a ton.

Not really. My jeans are sufficiently soaked and my hair is a wild mess and somehow even the inside of my bag is wet. But hey, it’s , so I’m ready to laugh off my commute and get grateful. You in?

I’m thankful for Remicade. Yesterday I spent some hours at Roosevelt Hospital getting all drugged up. Sometimes Crohn’s disease thinks it can get me worked up, but then I team up with my IV friend and with our powers combined we are…healthy? Yes.

This is my IV. I stare at it for hours.

Yesterday’s treatment went smoothly, as it usually does. I fell asleep before the drugs even started flowing into my veins. Remicade naps are the best.

I’m thankful for finding my speed. This weekend’s race was a huge confidence boost for me. Emily tells me that our average running pace was a 7:27.

More pink and green photos! I am not sick of them! I'm sorry if you are!

I’m learning not to be afraid of pushing myself, and with that I’m learning that sometimes I’ll fail and sometimes I’ll succeed. Both outcomes will make me a stronger runner. Tonight I’m running with Coach Cane’s group of hardcore runners, and I’m excited to push myself and attempt to keep up.

I’m thankful for spinning. Do I say this every week? Probably. I’m sorry. But as much as I love hitting the pavement and running my little heart out, I also love hopping on a spin bike and pedaling round and round and round and round with a really loud, techno-y soundtrack. I took Matt’s class at Crunch last night and I got some quality thinking done during class. Sometimes I zone out. Last night I thought about stuff. Good stuff. Productive stuff.

I’m thankful for my Laurens. There’s College Lauren and there’s Running Lauren , and I love them both.

That's College Lauren on the left. You may remember her live-Tweeting the Hamptons Marathon like a pro.

That's Running Lauren in the veil. I don't know who the idiot on the far right is, clowning around and throwing jazz hands all over the race course. That girl should be embarrassed.

As much as I would love for them both to commit to me for the rest of their lives, they both have these “fiance” things now. I should have been quicker about putting a ring on their fingers, but I guess I missed out, and over the Christmas break both of my Laurens got engaged to great men. I am very happy for them and I feel lucky to have them both in my life.

I’m thankful for foam rolling. I foam rolled at the gym last night and again this morning. It hurts so good.

I’m thankful I’m making progress in my Plank Challenge. That 5-minute plank is totally going to happen, and it’s going to happen soon. Two weeks ago I maxed out at a 2-minute plank. Last week I went for 2:30. Last night?

Hello, Planking Stopwatch. You're so handy.

Yes, that happened. A 3-minute plank. I’m ready to go for the full five minutes, but I need better entertainment for the occasion, like a TV show in front of my face, or perhaps a live dance show I could watch. Any volunteers?

I’m thankful I slept in this morning. It’s rare that I’m not up at some ridiculous hour during the week to run, but I took this morning off since I’m running tonight instead. I felt no guilt for staying in bed until 6:30. I slept like a rock and felt incredibly refreshed when I finally got up. I also did some ab stuff, some foam rolling and some stretching. I liked having time in the morning to do those things.

That being said, I’m thankful for my bed. It’s so soft and fluffy and comfortable. Also, I rhymed.

I’m thankful for winter sunrises. They’re so much better than summer sunrises. Proof? Sure, I have proof.

Look at that bright orange spot. Pretty rad, right?

I hit up Central Park yesterday morning for six miles at a leisurely pace. And “leisurely pace” means I am free to stop to take sunrise photos as needed. You’re welcome.

I’m thankful for the long weekend coming up. No work on Monday! Endless possibilities! Yay!

I’m thankful it’s almost time to break out the new Adrenalines.


I purchased these purple beauties recently but I haven’t worn them yet. I’m waiting for the right time. I think that time will be this weekend. I can’t wait.

I’m thankful for my supportive parents, who have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams, no matter how crazy they may be. When I was little, I told them I wanted to by a flying horse when I grew up. They didn’t tell me flying horses aren’t real, nor did they explain to me that the probability of me actually transforming into one was, in fact, unlikely. Instead, they signed me up for dance classes, gymnastics, Girl Scouts, basketball, tennis lessons and even a basket-making class, perhaps in an effort to distract me from my initial dreams.

These are my parents. My mom is very small.

Since I’ve grown up, my dreams and goals have shifted a bit. While I still think it would be awesome to be a flying horse, for now my plans are slightly more grounded — and my parents still support them. That means the world to me.

Mom, Dad, don’t worry — the horse thing still may happen. It’s just on a back burner for now. Thanks for understanding. I haven’t given up on my dreams.

I’m thankful that amidst the 10 or so weddings I have coming up in 2012 and 2013, none of them are scheduled for Saturday, November 3. Keep it that way, people. I’ve got a marathon to run the next day. Plan accordingly.

Finally, I’m thankful I’m learning to lighten up. It’s true. I may always be a little crazy, but I’m working on it, and I’m grateful there are people in my life who are happy to help me chill out.

Brian teaches me that not every single thing on my To-Do list is a mandatory, immediate must-do. It’s weird, but he seems to think that the world actually won’t end if I don’t take down my holiday directions this very minute. (Yeah, still haven’t done that though. I’m just overly festive this year I guess.)

And then there’s Emily , who, due to a healing foot injury, had to convince Lauren and me to walk parts of the 10K race this weekend. That’s something I never do. If I’m out for a race, I’m going to run hard start to finish. I’m not out for a good time, I’m out for a good sweat. If I have fun doing so, great. If not, fine. I want to push myself.


But walking for short stretches was actually good for me. I relaxed. I had fun. I chilled out. And when I ran, I ran hard. So it all balanced out.

Oh and thank you, Brightroom. As always, you capture me at my most beautiful moments.

This is the face of a girl who is having a great time.

Good God, woman. Cool it.

OK, no more. The photographer saw you. Keep on running.

And that is today’s edition of Thankful Things Thursday. Thanks for reading along. See you next time.

AND NOW TELL ME: What are you thankful for today? There has to be something. Cheer yourself up! It’s fun!

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