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Thankful Things Thursday: For Basically Everything Ever

Posted Feb 21 2013 9:15am

People say the worst feeling in the world is heartbreak.

I say the worst feeling in the world is when you come in from a frigid run and jump into a scalding-hot shower too fast, and then your legs turn bright red and get all itchy.

The second worst feeling is when you bite your tongue.

Third worst? When you have a hair on your arm — or anywhere on your body, really — and you can feel it and it’s bugging you and it’s itchy, but you can’t find it and remove it and so you are forced to exist in discomfort and misery.

I guess fourth worst could be heartbreak. That does suck, too.

But we are not here today to talk about feelings of sadness or tongue pain.

We are here to be , and I’ve got an abundance of that coming right at you…

ZEPHYR IN THE SKY AT NIGHT I WOOOONDER, DO MY TEARS OF MOOOURNING, SINK BENEATH THE SUN? Something something something something ka-boom pow, like a RAY OF LIGHT!!!!! I don’t know, the lyrics are something along those lines. Madonna song? And because you can see the sunbeams in this picture…

I’m thankful for Burt’s Bees lip balm. I can’t help that my lips get chapped in the winter. This stuff is the best.

I’m thankful for pretty much anything that is peppermint-scented. Like Burt’s Bees lip balm.

I’m thankful for my new robe!

I am holding a hair brush and pretending to do her nails. That doesn’t even make sense. But look at the pretty robes!

So my friend Lauren, the Bride of Weekend’s Past (what?), went a little overboard with gifts for her bridesmaids. Fortunately I was a bridesmaid, so that was totally fine by me. Bring on the presents. Among them was a black satin robe. Now I’m typically more of a chunky robe girl. I like them big and waffley and fluffy and I like to wear them for weekends at a time. But Lauren gave us these sassy little things to wear while we got ready, and they are amazing. I felt my fanciest hanging out in a hotel suite in a satin robe.

Lauren got a red robe because she is the special-est.

I’m thankful for the wedding hair and makeup team. Oh yes, team. It took four people to make me aisle-ready. There was one pretty young lady whose sole job was to “prep” my face for the second makeup lady. She used about 12 different shades of concealer, cover-up and other things I don’t know the name of. I felt amazing and pretty…until I washed my face a few hours later and saw just how much product it took to make my face appear flawless.

Oh look, no blemishes! Oh right, they’re just hidden. Under a minefield of makeup.

I’m thankful my bridesmaid dress zipped. It was a close call. First, the dress was made of chiffon so the zipper was incredibly difficult to manage anyway. Then came the fact that I have gained a bit of weight since the dress was ordered and getting it up and over my ribcage and chestal area was no easy feat.

I wanted to pick a turtleneck-style dress (winter wedding, I am always cold…what?), but that wasn’t an option.

By the end of the night — after mealtime and cake time — it was uncomfortably tight and I was kind of falling out of it. Not my finest performance. But it zipped. Thank god.

While everyone else was dancing and generally having a good “Shout”-y time, I was praising Jesus. Please note there was no bouquet toss at this wedding, so that’s not what’s happening in this photo. I just get really religious sometimes.

I’m thankful for my new mascara. Because I don’t have a “team” getting me ready every day. It takes me exactly 2.5 minutes to apply my makeup for the day: concealer under the eyes, a swipe of blush and mascara. I’d been rotating between the same two mascaras for, uh, a year? And then we ran a blurb in Dance Spirit about how you should really only hang onto your mascara for six weeks. So I figured it was time to invest in a new tube, and whatever kind I grabbed because it was on sale is actually pretty awesome. So for you fellow blonde-lashed ladies (or dudes, do what you want), I recommend this stuff.

Sorry that I have no idea who makes it. But here’s a picture of what it looks like, and in the background you can see my dirty sink.

I’m thankful for yoga. I never do it. I should do it more. Preach preach preach. I took a yoga class last night and even though it was pretty chill and only 30 minutes-ish long, it was stretchy and relaxing and, as always, I dozed off just enough during savasana (my favorite pose) to feel completely un-ready to re-immerse myself into NYC society.

Here I am with the instructor, Chrissy Carter. She was funny and adorable and has a new DVD called “Beginning Yoga with Chrissy Carter.” Also, I stood next to her for this picture and she goes, “Put your arm on your hip, lift your chest and push your shoulders back.” So…I got a posing lesson on the mat and for life?

I’m thankful for cooking. Remember when I hated cooking? I love cooking now. “Love” is maybe a slight stretch, but I do enjoy it. And this week I prepared by going to Fairway early Monday morning when it wasn’t crowded. I had my lists and I followed them and I’ve saved money all week by packing my breakfasts, lunches and 300 snacks, and also by whipping up one giant casserole for dinner that I will eat every night.

It has a cheesy bread crumb topping, so you know it’s going to be good. AND IT IS.

Plus, Brian’s out of town all week which means I don’t have to share my food. I’m not good at that.

I’m thankful for running! Now is the time when we get to talk about running! And I ran this morning, so let’s specifically talk about that!

Central Park, you beautiful, luscious beast.

There’s actually not a whole lot to say about this morning’s run, except that it was morning time and I was able to run. I didn’t wear a watch (loving that, by the way) and I didn’t make plans beyond “stay near where there are bathrooms.” I had to stop once on the way to the park and then, ugh, twice once I got in there. But after that, I just ran! Again, let me clarify that “running” here is not the most accurate term. “Shuffling” or “jogging” or even “power walking with style” are alternate descriptions that are applicable in this case.

Pause for extreme cheesiness and reflection: I feel really happy and lucky right now. This flare-up came out of nowhere, as they always do, and I tried to stay really positive, which helped me. But there were times when I didn’t think the medicine would work or I didn’t think I’d be back out running again for a while. It may have been wickedly freezing and windy this morning, but just starting my day in the park gave me a serious boost on the mental and physical spectrums.

LOOK AT THAT VIEW. I can’t control my caps lock today, I’m sorry. I’m just excited about the sunrises and the running and the clouds and the colors.

OK I’m done. But really, yay.


I’m thankful for the Starbucks bathroom that I didn’t need. When I’m coming back from a flare-up, nothing feels as good as running past a bathroom, seeing that it’s open and then smiling to myself because I don’t need to bust into it. It’s such a small victory that makes me feel so good.

I always plan on having to stop at this one Starbucks before I get to the park, but today I cruised right by it.

I’m thankful for the lady who said “good for you!” as I was finishing my run. As if I haven’t been patting myself on the back enough lately…

I’m thankful for the best compliment ever from Michaela, my sister-in-law, this morning. So as you may recall, she is the best and sends me a picture of Tyler every morning. She has never missed a day. And she sends really funny captions to go with them. But today, she sent this photo…


…and the message said “Just a little excited to get to play with the downstairs radio this morning. Also, I think he looks a lot like Alison in this picture.” AND I AM ALISON. She thinks Tyler looks like me!!! Her text may as well have said, “I am hereby granting you permission to shop for an endless supply of matching outfits for you and Tyler. Enjoy!”

I’m thankful for a short work week. The weekend is close and I have huge plans. Like buying a new shower curtain liner.

Have a great one today! Chew slowly so you don’t bite your tongues.

WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR ON THIS PRETTY THURSDAY? Is your dinner already made for tonight? Did you go running today? Did your Girl Scout Cookie order arrive? Did you find and remove that long annoying head hair that was making your arm tickle?

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