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Thankful 30: Day 4 ~ David and Goliath

Posted Nov 04 2010 4:47pm

San Francisco Takes on
The National Restaurant Association
and Kids' Meals:

Who's Happy Now?  

Day 4: 
I am thankful for people willing to stand up for what they believe in, willing to take on The Big Guy to make a difference, even in the face of dissent, especially when the Big Guy has lots of money, influence, and political clout.

San Francisco's choice to ban children's unhealthy fast food meals that contain toys is big.  They are taking on the National Restaurant Association , saying, "Children should not be coaxed with toys to choose food that's laden with sodium, fat, and sugar."
This decision is proposed as our nation's children continue to get fatter.  
Did you know childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years, according to the CDC ?    

 Will banning toys in unhealthy children's meals make a difference? Not sure. 
But being willing to take on the 'fight' is a step toward more awareness, more discussion.
 Let's hear it for "David." 
Fight the good fight. 
Stay true to your beliefs, San Francisco Board of Supervisors. 
Win one for the children. 
I'm thankful for your efforts.

Happy running, friends...

Robin   Own it! 
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