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Thank you! {#BostonStrong}

Posted Apr 23 2013 1:55am

I had high hopes for the weather today…it was a gorgeous weekend, why would that change on Monday? Well, it would change because it is Colorado and after spending an entire winter begging for snow we are now getting it. In the few hours between 10am and 6pm the weather changed from 57 and sunny to 23 and snowing. Sounds like a great night for a group run, right?

Its Snowing For #BostonStrong Denver Run for Boston
…this was at 5:30pm, add about 3 more inches as of 11pm…

Thankfully Denver is full of crazies who won’t let a little snow and wind stop them! We had a great turnout at Boulder Running Company for the #BostonStrong run – far more than I expected, even with the FB RSVP’s!

Thank you to everyone who came out! It felt amazing to having so many “strangers” come together to show their support of fellow runners, dedicated spectators and a city that happily allows thousands of runners to fill its streets every year.

#BostonStrong Denver Run for Boston
…sorry, this is the only photo I have, my phone is acting up – if anyone has a photo, please share…

If you’ve ever met me in real life you’ve probably noticed I don’t easily run out of words. But in a situation like this there isn’t really anything to be said. It sucks. A lot. So let’s run!

Maybe I should have said more. Maybe I should have acknowledged how everyone was affected by the bombings. Maybe I should have said “thank you” to all of the PD/FF/EMS that risked {and gave} their lives for the safety of others. Maybe I should have said “thank you” to their families, wives, husbands and children for supporting their career so that a city may once again sleep in peace. Maybe I should have shared more of my emotions about the week…but I didn’t. Because I couldn’t. When I say those words they don’t seem to carry as much emotion as I’m feeling. So instead of talking, I need action…and running is in action that is more than appropriate for Boston!

So thank you everyone for coming out to run! Thank you to PavementRunner for stating up the idea of the #BostonStrong run and giving us a central location to share the details. Thank you Boulder Running Company for letting us invade your store. Thank you PD/FF/EMS for rocking at your jobs and thank your families for letting you risk your lives! Thank you world for showing your support tonight, thank you to every spectator along the Boston Marathon course and every other race course, you make it bearable. Thank you running community for being so incredibly awesome, supportive and encouraging!

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