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TGIF A - Z! Of Anniversaries, Babies, Chicken Soup, Magazines, New Friends, Races, Recaps, and Weddings....

Posted Apr 23 1970 12:00am
So many cool things this week... Where to begin?

"Hello" and "Welcome" to our newest friends...
great to meet each of you!

A BIG shout-out to Amanda at 5 Miles PAST Empty who will be running her first-ever marathon this Sunday. WOO HOO!!!  Check out her pre-race thoughts here  and wish her good luck.
Anne is getting ready for her upcoming first-ever half marathon in May... tough lady, dealing with asthma and pushing through it!  You ARE an inspiration, friend!  :)
Diane celebrated her one-year fitness anniversary this week.  You can read about it here . Congratulations, friend! And yes, if I win the trip to NYC in the contest , we will definitely have to meet up!
Earth Day Giveaway going on 'til Tuesday, April 26th, 6:40 a.m. EST.  Have you entered yet? 
Congrats to Joanne at Apple Crumbles for recently completing her first half marathon also. She calls herself a "lazy runner."  You can read about it here ...
Lori's feature in Shape Magazine came out this week. Yes, we have a 'celebrity' among us... Lori's transformation through hard work and dedication is highlighted in the May issue. Don't forget us "the little blogging people" when you make it big! :)
MissZippy1 celebrated her 100th post this week with a very creative invitation, um... post!  Check it out here .  Loved reading this MZ! 
Welcome home, my favorite R edhead blogging virtual daughter! Sounds like a great time in Boston!  :)
Check out Tall Mom's Gone for a Run Giveaway as she counts down her final 9 days 'til the Eugene Marathon, in which she's looking for redemption... Go, Tall Mom!
Hello and hugs to Tobi , a blogging friend who continues to be plagued with knee and shoulder issues... she recently checked in to say hello after surviving Tax Season... great to hear from you, friend!
Special congratulations are in order for local running friend and fellow DPH princess , Vicki , who's getting married Saturday.... Best wishes, friend!

Zoe has big news this week, too... Be sure to stop over and see what's rocking her world lately.  Congrats to you and hubs! 

Sending Chicken Soup HUGS to all of my injured and sickly friends this week....the list is long and you know who you are!  I hope you will be up and better very soon! 

What's going on in your world? 
Would love to hear from you... races, recaps, big and little events, struggles, suggestions, questions, you name it....

I forced myself out of bed at o' dark thirty yesterday to put in a few miles.  While it's hard getting reacclimated to getting up early (5 a.m. instead of 6) now that I can run again, it DOES feel really good when I do(!).   That's the part that I have to keep reminding myself when the alarm goes off and I sooooo want to hit snooze and roll back over....
The run feels g-o-o-d at this hour. 
And, I have options.  (No injuries. No illness. Thankfully.)
I'm definitely not an afternoon or evening runner.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's Run for the Trees 5K, an event that celebrates Earth Day with a beautiful race course that's open to the public only once a year AND awards racers with a baby tree at the finish line. Awesome!  Then, we're off to spend the day with the ILs in the land of the Mouse.  Equally Awesome!  (The ILs, not necessarily The Mouse...ha ha)   :)

Don't you love surprises?  I sure do!  One's on its way to a fellow blogger.  SURPRISE!!!   

Race recap later this weekend!

Happy running, friends....

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