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Texas sized News

Posted May 11 2013 10:39pm

Two years ago, Chris and I moved to Nashville from Dallas, Texas imagining that we would spend many years in Nashville. We always said that we would move back to Dallas if a certain career path was available there for Chris. Well, a few weeks ago that door was opened very unexpectedly to that certain career path for Chris and he accepted the job there. Since then, we have remodeled our house to put it on the market, coordinated a long-distance move back to Dallas and tried our best to go with the flow during a big time of transition.

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I thought it would be easiest to explain the move by answering all the popular questions we get about moving back.


What are you doing with your Nashville house?

Our house is on the market, and we have had really great progress forward with finding a buyer. Any prayers you can send our way for a successful sale will be greatly appreciated.


Where will you live in Dallas?

We are renting for a while until we find the right spot in Dallas. The real estate market in Dallas is a seller’s market so we are trying to be smart with our future home purchase.


How is Chester taking the move?

Chester is with a hunting retriever dog trainer right now and enjoying life on 400 acres in the hills of Tennessee. We are assuming he will be very confused by apartment life but we miss him every day and can’t wait for him to join us in Texas.


How are we taking the move?

Chris is much better at transition than I am. I think we have both experienced every emotion, but we try to just lift each other up when the other might be having a rough time. Kudos to all those couples who live apart whether it be for work, military deployments, etc. Transition time and being apart from my husband has been rough but it gets better with each step forward in the process.


Was it a hard decision?

We moved to Nashville to be closer to family, so we didn’t take the decision to move away lightly. We have come to realize that as long as we are together and marriage is strong (which it most definitely is); our location is not as significant. Career wise, it was the best move for our family’s future. There will be many trips here and there to visit family, and we will have to figure out FaceTime, Skype and all the cool new keep-in-touch technology methods.


So that’s our big news. Apologies for the radio silence in blog land the past few months, but it would have been hard to write about running (I’m currently sidelined by a hamstring injury going on 2 months) or cooking  or the mundane bits of life when we have had so many big pieces moving around in our world.


Major thank you to our families both near and far. My in-laws have been so supportive through this process both through helping with renovations, helping move things back to Alabama, covering us in prayer during this time and just being our support system. My parents have been my sounding board for career decisions, advice and just a general pick-me-up. My godparents have not only lended us storage space but  also real estate advice and open house company. We are truly blessed to have so many wonderful family members. That is a whole post in it’s own.

Bring on the Texas heat, Dallas best friends and Texas sized adventures.


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