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Tempo Runs

Posted Sep 15 2011 7:50pm

Today’s workout: 6 mile tempo run

I am super talkative (sigh and super out of it, I just typed “this morning” after talkative… this is what no sleep does to me!) and the husband just “wants to relax” (which I find VERY LAME). So I am drinking a glass of wine (and the answer is YES I drink a glass of wine almost every night) and blogging while he watches golf on TV (which, can we talk about that – it is quite possibly the most BORING sport EVER to watch live on TV… are you kidding me, how is that interesting?!)

As a side note, I just left my blog up to go on a marathon phone conversation with my mom… This is what I came back to:

…..this is your husband, and golf is a very challenging sport, you just have to know what you are watching to appreciate it. BTW I think yoga is way more boring to watch, anyway. So there! Now back to your blog…..

Haha, fair enough.

Anyway, back to tempo runs, the whole point of this seemingly pointless post. I tried to talk to the husband about the tempo run and his eyes glazed over and he finally stopped me and told me he had no idea what I was talking about, so I am turning to you guys.

I had a 6 mile tempo run this morning. Despite the fact that an hour after I got up I was still sitting on my couch while I was supposed to be running, I did actually go. I complained about it right up until I stepped foot out the door and it was one of those runs that I literally had to talk myself through every step of the way BUT I did it and I did it fairly well, I think. The set up was: 2 mile warm up, 2 miles at tempo pace, 2 mile cool down. Easy enough, right?

The 2 miles at tempo pace was supposed to be 15-30 seconds slower than your current 10k pace. Well my 10k pace is 8:15… so 8:30-8:45, right?

These were my splits:

Mile 1: 10:05
Mile 2: 9:10
Mile 3: 8:11
Mile 4: 7:54 (<—- This makes me feel AWESOME that I busted that out 4 miles in on very tired legs)
Mile 5: 8:45
Mile 6: 8:49

Ok so obviously I am no good at maintaining a slower pace… I know I have to speed up for 2 miles so speed up I did… Normally I do all speed work, tempos included on the treamill, but I wanted to start doing tempos outside…

Does that matter? Is there a reason that you are supposed to run your tempo pace slower than your 10k pace?

Currently I’m on the run less, run faster program. Can someone please explain to me if I need to be diligent about running my tempo miles at the pace they designate as tempo pace or if just running them faster is important?

Seriously, please talk me through tempo runs. If it’s too much to explain in a comment, email me at happyhealthyrunner at gmail dot com

Do you love tempo runs? I do. They are one of my favorites!

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