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Team Rainbow Takes on Frankfurt

Posted Oct 23 2013 5:10am
Remember how I was training for Frankfurt marathon ? Those regular readers among you will know how that's been going for me...or not.

In my optimism, I had booked my ticket for a flight to Frankfurt along with the rest of Team Rainbow, Katie , Laura and Liz .

In case you're interested in a bit more info on Team Rainbow, Laura put together these very helpful graphics. These and other awesome Team Rainbow stuff you can follow on our Team Tumblr.

Now, while those three beauties will be rocking up to the start line bright and early Sunday morning in anticipation of the coolest race finish ever (think indoor techno rave!), I will be tagging along and attempting to provide all the support necessary to get them across the finish line (I had to re-assure Laura that I can, indeed, deadlift her body weight, which, I think, made her feel a bit calmer about the whole race, knowing that I can drag her through that finish tunnel if need be (very unlikely)).

In its own way, my marathon career is progressing quite nicely, if you think about it. My very first marathon experience, Manchester, ended in a big fat DNS . Now, what was meant to be my second marathon experience is looking like I'm at least making it to the start line, albeit in my role as Team Rainbow Sherpa.

So who knows, if things keep developing at this rate, I might actually start the next marathon?!   
 I even tried to get creative with my manicure, unfortunately she didn't have any green. But she DID have a friggin' unicorn which I now have on both of my index fingers. Yup, I take my role seriously!

In the meantime, the race organizers are putting on a wee 5k breakfast run on the Saturday, which my teammates have kindly agreed to run with me so that I can get at least a whiff of some proper racing while away. They are good to me. That or maybe they're just greedy for the big fat pretzel that all finishers will receive at the end?!

For now, I'll be taking my role as Team Rainbow Sherpa extremely seriously. I've been researching pubs, transport options, have booked our hotel (ok, so maybe being German-speaking was half of the reason I took on those jobs) and I'm much looking forward to introducing the rest of the team to all the amazing delicacies my fellow countrymen have to offer (read: beer and cake). 

In the meantime, please send me your top tips for spectating a marathon (I've never actually done just that...) and, more importantly, what are some must-haves without which the Marathon Sherpa should NEVER leave the race hotel? 

And make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter over the weekend where I'll try to post as much as poss about Team Rainbow taking on Frankfurt!  
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