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Taking care of your knees: Run at appropriate level

Posted by Nancy B.

Knees are the part of the runner's body most prone to injury. If you know how they work, you may be better able to avoid injury. "Think of running as a series of collisions with the ground," says Stephen Messier, Ph.D., a runner and orthotics researcher at Wake Forest University, in an article in Runner's World. Messier and his colleagues have researched running injuries and gleaned clues about how runners can avoid problems that cause knee injuries.,7120,s6-241-285--6040-0,00.html?cm_re=HP-_-Most%20Popular-_-What%20Your%20Knees%20Need
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Thanks for the post! I am just getting started planning and training for a 10k run. I had an acl reconstruction, partial lateral menisectomy, patellar chondroplasty as well as torn mcl, hairline crack in the femur with multiple bone contusions back in 2005. I definitely need to keep my knee in mind and protect it. Thanks!
good luck in the 10 k
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