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Takin' a Back Seat

Posted Jul 04 2007 12:00am
Sorry guys, I've once again pushed aside the blog. It's been hectic to say the least. After the Buffalo Tri, I had grandma's half marathon, a trip to Colorado, started marathon training with brick or swim workouts on my off days and am playing in a volleyball league. I'm tired just reading all that.
I'll start with the Half. It went super well. I shaved about 11 minutes off my time from last year and finished at 2:16. I was hoping to finish around that time but you always think oh, I could have finished around 2:08 had I really pushed hard. I was happy with my time and actually ran most of the race with the exception of water stops. It was once again, hot and steamy in DULUTH of all places. What is going on up north?! It seems to be that everyone has accepted the heat and humidity on race day in Duluth and it's not as much of a shock as it seemed to be last year. I crossed the line with Nicole, my coworker and we both felt great. I think mostly because I was shoveling ice cream in my mouth right away. How can that be bad? But, I did have an upset stomach for a day before the run and most of the day of the race. I don't think it was all nerves and believe I ate something that didn't agree with me. So, that made things a little more difficult as I am sure I was dehydrated going in. I was lucky in that two of my aunts, three cousins, a friend of the family, my roommate, my nephew, my MOM,my brother and my sister-in-law all came to watch. Bad thing is, I crossed the line before they got to see me. I actually called them from our meeting spot as I couldn't find them. Turns out they were still waiting to see me come by. They were surprised I was done already. We figure we missed each other by about 4-5 minutes max.
The next week, I flew out to CO with my friend, Janet. It was soooo much fun. It was nice to get away for a while. We toured the Fat Tire Brewery, Coors, went fly fishing, went through the Rockies, went to Estes Park and Garden of the Gods. I really do love CO but decided it's hard to beat northern MN.
Fly Fishing in Eleven Mile Canyon:

View of the Rockies:

Volleyball has been fun. In all honesty, we're a good team but we goof around too much to every win. Which is fine by me. It's kind of nice to have something you can do and not feel like you have to be giving it 100% all the time.
Marathon training is going okay. I think I'm getting a little tired of the running routes though. We're doing a lot of the same trails, etc. that we did for the half marathon training so it's getting a little old. But, hopefully, things will get switched around soon.
I'm considering doing the Pigman half iron next year. I can't believe I just told everyone that. But, I'm thinking about it. Nothing more at this point. Has anyone heard anything about this one?
Well happy 4th!
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