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Take It and Run Thursday: Virtual White Elephant Gift Exchange

Posted Dec 11 2008 9:13pm

Take_it_and_run_thursdayWelcome to Take It and Run Thursday! 

It's our way to bring together the knowledge of all of us ordinary runners.  It's the virtual equivalent to putting our virtual heads together.   Even though many of us aren't elite athletes, coaches or authors, it doesn't mean that we haven't earned a well deserved PhD in running.   Whether you are starting out, have 50 years of running under your belt or somewhere in between - all of us have lessons learned that make us wiser and better runners.  

Today's theme is ....Virtual White Elephant Gift Exchange.   It's time for the second annual virtual white elephant gift exchange.  Last year we had a lot of fun finding, sharing and giving fantastic white elephant gifts and can't wait to do it again.  There were fabulous finds like a full body condom, a golden poop charm, a toilet paper dispensing hat and much more.   There is no dollar limit for the gifts and no required wrapping - all you need is a picture of your item to share.  Your gift can be something you own or something you see online and have a picture to share.   Share your gift as part of your TIaRT post!  The gift you give goes to the person who posts their TIaRT link right after you.   If this is anything like last year, this exchange will add a whole new dimension to the phrase, "it is better to give than receive."

Just fill in your name/title of your post and your URL below.

Next weeks theme is .... A year In Review in 52 words or less.   As of today, there are only three weeks left in 2008 - its time to do a review and look back to help us plan for 2008.  To help you wrap up your year, write a summary of your running year in 52 words or less - one word for each week of 2008.  Tell us about your highlights and lowlights of your running.  Talk about lessons you learned or shared.  Remind us of your favorite races or training runs.  Share all the important stuff about your 2008 running.

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