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Take It and Run Thursday: Running is Like...

Posted Jul 16 2009 10:15pm

Take_it_and_run_thursdayWelcome to Take It and Run Thursday! 

It' s our way to bring together the knowledge of all of us ordinary runners.  It' s the virtual equivalent to putting our virtual heads together.   Even though many of us aren' t elite athletes, coaches or authors, it doesn' t mean that we haven' t earned a well deserved PhD in running.   Whether you are starting out, have 50 years of running under your belt or somewhere in between - all of us have lessons learned that make us wiser and better runners.   

This week' s theme is ... Running is Like... I know, I know, you are dying to finish this with "...a box of chocolates."   But the longer I run, I also find that running is like so many other things in life.  There are so many challenges out there that running becomes our reality and analogy.   Tell us what you think running is most like in your life.  Raising kids?  Relationships?  Days at work?  College?   Love to hear your take on the topic.

We are having problems with the linking widget!   Please leave your url and name in the comments section of the post.   Once it is up and running, we will add them in! 

Next week' s theme is ...Slaying The Long Run Dragon.    What are your best tips for getting through the long, hard, hot, hilly, sweaty, torturous but enjoyable runs?

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