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T-10 days: Club Swim 23:44

Posted Jul 01 2009 5:02pm
This was a day I really need a workout partner or coach to kick me in the ass. I had a hard day at work. I was tired from the two a day work on Monday. It was gray and windy outside and I didn't feel like working out. I had to pick up my son from Karate so I couldn't do a bike ride so it was run or swim. I need more swim practice than run so I did make it to the club. I swam inside instead of outside. I really should have swam outside to prepare for swimming in the lake, but I wimped out. I started swimming and at a causal pace just to get my yardage in. A person started swimming next to me and for some reason I felt I should beat that guy so I started racing against him. It was a stupid thing to do. I actually started using bad mechanics and you can see by my splits my times were not great compared to yesterday. He too a break at the 500 yard mark and I kept going so we will never know who really won. I just kept swimming. Afterwards I took sometime in the hot tub and loosened up my shoulder and back. I also too advantage of the steam room to just sweat and think. Not a great workout, but I was happy I got some more swim time in. I'm getting really tired of smelling like chlorine. My skin is drying out and I can feel the pool water in my sinuses. I hoped to get some open water swims in this week at a lake by my house.


  • 250 5:43
  • 500 5:27
  • 750 6:11
  • 1000 6:23

Total 23:44

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