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swollen knee, when do I start re-hab


 It has been 17 days since the injury , I dislocated my Knee, my Doc, says I don't need surgery, just PT, but the selling won't go away, they gave me a Donjoy brace which seems to aggravate the knee, so I am back to the immobilzer, while I await PT, I just want to know, can you do anything while trying to get the swelling down, it is like a catch 22, rest ? or exercise???
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Swelling is a symptom of inflamation, in your case from injury. The swelling will go down when the inflamation goes down and your body gets the "upper ground" in the healing process. Get lots of sleep, drink lots of water, and eat nutritious foods to help your body heal itself. Ask your doc if it's OK to walk each day,and if so, how long. Walking can help you keep your conditioning, but you don't want to increase the injury. Ask your PTrainer about exercises to strengthen your knee and hip muscles.

It's been a while since you did your post, so hopefully by now your swelling is gone, and you're in the middle of your PT.  I'm posting my comments for the benefit of other runners who have knee problems and read your post.

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