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Swimming is going swimmingly

Posted Oct 15 2010 3:53pm
Even though it is my best event in triathlon, it is always good to see improvement. I started back up this past summer, so I know it is still early, but I am already getting faster. Back in July when I first started training for the ironman, my coach had me do 20x100 to get a feel for where I was fitness wise. I have no clue what to compare my times to so I wasnt really sure how I fared when I finished, but I got a chance to compare to myself on Wednesday. I had another set of timed 100s and this time my average pace was 4 seconds faster than in July. I still dont have anything to compare it to, other than my previous time, but I am gaining time on myself, so I guess that's a good thing, right? Then today I had a timed 2k swim, and again the last real thing I have to compare it to is my half ironman I did a few years ago. I know they are totally different (one was ocean swim, it was a race, etc), but I have nothing else to go off of. This time I was 4 minutes faster. I know the real tests are in the races, but this is giving me a little bit more confidence going into the sprint next weekend and the half ironman in a few weeks. And after doing these time trials (especially the 100s), I know I can push myself more in the swim without dying at the end. Im sure it is all mental, but every little bit helps right?
Now if only I could improve on the run, but I think that is going to take a lot more than a good coach. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
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