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Posted Feb 03 2009 1:12am

Last night was swim lesson #2. I did not do as well as the first one. We started off by back float and side float with flutter kick-no problem. Then cam the part where you add the breathing to the side float. My childhood swim lessons came back to me in a rush. I can't exhale or blow bubbles into the water. It goes out my mouth but not my nose. Is that stupid or what? I am surprised there is any water left in the pool- I sucked it all down. Besides the breathing we added an arm motion. I defintely need some pool time before next class. Would it be stipid to wear nose plugs until I got better or would it be a bad habit?

Also last night was the season premier of THE BIGGEST LOSER. I love that show and wish I could be on it. I can't wait until nest week when the Black team shows up with Jillian.

Waddling while exhaling.....................
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