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Sweating PINK and Monday Musings

Posted Mar 26 2012 9:22pm
Happy Monday!  First, thank you all so much for the congrats and kind words in regards to yesterday's race (on behalf of all of us).  I say it a lot, but you guys really rock and always keep me so motivated!  Thank you!

Let's talk about my most exciting part of my day - sweating pink!   A bit ago, I applied to be a sweat pink ambassador for  Fit Approach .   'What's that?' you may ask.   Simply put, a sweat pink ambassador embraces Fit Approach's motto of having a passion for health, strong being the new sexy (hello, you know that's my motto), and finding a balance between healthy and treats.   Ambassadors spread the word of empowering women to sweat, that sweat is sexy, and look to inspire a healthy, fitness-minded lifestyle. You can read more about it here:   become a sweat pink ambassador .  Obviously this message really spoke to me especially because it also had a pink theme.  Hi, it turns out I like pink or something.  Who knew?!

They accepted me last week and I was so excited to get my welcome package today!

I'm so in love with this tank and it's super comfy

I also got a welcome 'love note': sometimes it's the little things - like a handwritten note
And lots of hot pink shoelaces: local friends - if you want a pair, please let me know!  Non-local friends, don't worry, I'll be giving away a few pairs soon.
I'm already in love with the company because they are soo sweet and will definitely be supportive.  So excited to be a part of this community!   Also, you should definitely follow them on twitter:  @FitApproach  and facebook:  Fit Approach fb  because they often do giveaways!
As far as other, less exciting things of the day: it was supposed to be a cross-training day.  I took a rest day instead.  Two reasons - 1. I ended up having to work late and 2. I was sore and my right calf was a little tight.   Can I tell you a secret?  After the race yesterday, I turned to Ryan and said, "Crap, I'm tired after 13.1, how will I survive 26.2?"  I had a moment of self-doubt.  He smartly pointed out that I also ran almost a full minute per mile faster than my goal pace (and what I've been running for long runs recently) for the marathon. Oh yeah.   Don't worry, I'm back on board with feeling good about it.  And i just keep telling myself this: This may be my motto throughout the marathon and I'll just say it over and over and over.

Speaking of the marathon, it's exactly 2 months from today which is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Since it's on May 26, I can't help but feel like it's a good sign that I'm running 26.2 miles on the 26th of the month (also happens to be RunnerBro's bday).   I like to think of silly things as good luck charms.  Am I the only one who does this?   
Finally, here are some things that also relate to running and marathon training that I know most of you can relate to:
ain't that the truth?!
Source: via The on Pinterest

And THIS is even more the truth.  Seriously.
I'm off to go hang out with Ryan and Gizmo....possibly Nicholas Sparks, as I just go this book from the library today: Has anyone read it?  Look, I know, I can't help but be a sucker for his romance/cheeseball novels. 

Okay, share your thoughts:
-Do you apply significance to certain dates/numbers/rituals to use them as a 'good sign' or luck?  If so, what? 

-How did your Monday shape up?  Did you run?
-Who watched Mad Men last night?  Is anyone else still singing that French song that Megan sang?

-Love or Loathe: Nicholas Sparks?


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