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#Sweat Pink

Posted Oct 02 2012 10:59pm

Today just totally got away from me. Is it bad that I can’t even remember what I did this morning? Because I can’t. But I was so engrossed in whatever it was that I was doing that it was almost 12:15 before I realized that we were late for our lunch time walk. I absolutely LOVE walking in the autumn, by the way. The trees are changing color so fast

I love how blue the sky is in the last picture. It was even prettier in real life, but my iPhone did a decent job of capturing the scene.

After I got home, I had an awesome email waiting for me. I have been approved to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador for Fit Approach! Can you say excited?! I’m still working on figuring everything out, but I can’t wait to get plugged in and truly be an inspiration to others.

After I spent a little time reading through the SPA materials, April and I went grocery shopping. By the time I got home, it was too late to cook dinner, so I heated up some left over black bean soup and snacked on my go-tos; Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus with baby carrots, and Oikos Traditional Strawberry Greek yogurt with chia seeds.

I also had to try a small glass of this

It was good, but it wasn’t to die for, which is good, because I won’t be tempted to drink more than a small glass every once in awhile. Honestly, I think I’d rather splurge on a pumpkin spice latte from Scooters or Starbucks.

Then April made these

Quinoa butterscotch cookies. Bad April! I ate one and realized that it’s going to be tough to stay away from them. I think I will need to hide them and forget where I put them. Hey, I do it with important stuff all the time, so it could work…

I decided to give myself another day to rest from running. My heel feels good today, but my shin was still a little sore. It’s really hard to sit on the sidelines, but I know deep down inside that if I don’t give myself the proper time to heal, I’m just going to do more damage. So, I am just playing it by ear, day by day. Eventually, I will be whole and back on the road, and I can’t wait!

I did get a second walk in tonight, so at least I was able to burn off the cookie I ate, and my puppies are happy, so it’s a win-win.

Oh, I just remembered what I was so engrossed in this morning! I’ll share that tomorrow. :)

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