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"Surgery" Day

Posted Jul 17 2010 12:00am

Thursday morning I woke up early in order to get to the hospital at 6:45AM for my scheduled 8:15AM ACL surgery.  The morning went along pretty well but I was a bit nervous.  I think I went pee like 3 times after I got to the surgery center.  Nerves!  All the nurses and staff were super friendly and helpful.  Christina stayed with me right up until there were about to push me into the OR.

Once in the OR, I was moved to the operating bed and the anesthesiologist came in to put something in my IV.  He asked how I was feeling and I said I was a little nervous.  He told me the medicine would burn a little.  It did!  It sort of burned a lot and my chest started to feel a little heavy.

The next thing I knew I was sort of awake and heard someone say they didn't operate on my ACL and they didn't need to.  I was rather concerned given my state of mind and didn't understand what they meant!  Christina said I made a concerned comment about them not going my ACL when I saw her but I don't remember that :)

I have a fuzzy memory of the conversation with my doctor that went something like my ACL was mostly fine and he though there was a really good chance it would heal on its own.  He said 50-50 but maybe to be safe?  He told me no more brace and he'd talk to me more in 10 days at my next appointment.  He send me how slightly confused with some pictures of my ACL he took during the arthoscopy.  I'm no expert but I compared those pics to some on the web and my ACL does look like it's mostly all intact.

So... that leaves me confused.  What about the MRI?  What about the two docs that said my ACL was definitely torn and loose?  What about the doc that said it would be okay without surgery and was getting better.  He was right??  I'll definitely have some questions for my surgeon when I see him.  He must be pretty confident it will be okay with no surgery since he was already in there and ready to go.  He stopped for a reason..

So now a bit of waiting.  I'm all for the non surgery route if I can do that.  I'm just still a little bit confused and probably will be until I see him in another week.

For now - reason to be happy!  I still need to recover.  I had three holes cut in my knee for the arthoscopy.  Not too much pain but the incisions hurt a little bit and me knee is definitely more stiff than before I went in.


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