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Sunshine, Knee bends, and Wins

Posted Jun 14 2010 12:00am

We finally had some good weather here in Portland!  Yay!  We'll, there have a been a few nice days here and there but nothing like Saturday.  The past month has been pretty horrible and Saturday peaked in the low 80s with clear blue skies all day.  I started my Saturday with an hour at the gym then soaked up some sun on my deck then a BBQ at a friends, then a party at another friend's house.  Quite the day!

It was pretty awesome to wake up to sunshine beaming through the windows Sunday morning.  When I walked out into the living room my first thought was - did I leave a light on?  Oh - it's the sun!  How about that...

I cheered on our softball team Sunday to two more wins!  Both in our division so very key wins.  The first game was a nail bitter and we went back and forth.  We ended up down 2 runs going into our last at bat.  Christina started off the inning with a double and soon the bases were loaded.  Christina scored and we were down by one. Then Chris hit single that drove in two runs.  Game over!  Wow! 12-11 Outlaws!

The next game wasn't really even close.  We were up 15-0 at one point but the other team had a great 4th inning and scored 5 runs.  They even got a triple play on us one of the innings.  It was kind of a blur!  We pulled out a 17-5 win in that game.  3-1 in our division.  nice!

Last night I was stretching my knee which unofficially was bent to 90 degrees.  Progress!  Kinda funny that I'm making all this progress just to have surgery then to start over again with knee and leg strengthening.  But going into surgery strong will mean better and faster recovery.  I've been working out pretty much every day.

Seems wherever I go I run into people with knee problems, including many who've had ACL issues and surgeries.  Saturday I was talking to a girl who had an ACL surgery with a hamstring graft 4? years ago.  She said her "bad" knee is now stronger than her non injured one.  That's a good story to hear!


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